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How often should I Post On My Blog?

“How often should I update my blog” is a question asked by all bloggers at one time or another. You know you should have a consistent blogging schedule, but what should that schedule be? Should you write daily? Several times a week? Once a week? Monthly?

For simplicity, let’s split the options into two groups: Posting frequently and posting infrequently. Examples of posting frequently: Writing daily or 3+ times per week. Examples of posting infrequently: Writing weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.

Let’s run through the two groups.

Post frequently

A few well-known blogging examples that post daily (or almost daily) are ProBlogger, Copyblogger and the Moz Blog.

The argument for:

  • When your blog is new, writing daily allows you to build content quickly.
  • Loyal readers will engage your blog more and will often visit every day or two, which could boost your daily traffic.
  • Writing frequently means you’ve made blogging a priority, which will benefit your blog in numerous ways.
  • The more posts you write, the more posts you have out there to connect with readers. And if you connect with the right reader, the social shares they send your way could be significant.

The argument against:

  • Your “latest” post is never the latest for long. This can impact the number of social shares and comments.
  • Readers are likely to entirely miss some posts.
  • Email subscribers may become annoyed by the volume of messages sent to them. This could cause some to unsubscribe (Note: This only applies if you send email alerts every time you publish new content.)
  • Your quality of writing could suffer if you’re posting too frequently.
  • It can be difficult to think of topic ideas.
  • The more time you spend writing, the less time you have for promotion. This can impact the long-term growth of your blog’s traffic.

Post infrequently

Examples of well-known blogs that post less frequently are Social Triggers and Boost Blog Traffic.

Many of the pros and cons for posting frequently can be inverted for posting infrequently. To prevent redundancy, I’ll only highlight a few.

The argument for:

  • The quality of your writing should go up.
  • You have more time to promote your posts before moving onto the next one. Long term, this could boost your blog’s traffic. Similarly:
  • The number of social shares and comments should increase for individual posts.

The argument against:

  • It will take longer to fill your blog with content. This can be especially problematic when your blog is new.
  • It can be easier for readers to forget about you and your blog. (“Out of sight, out of mind.”)
  • It can be easy for you to forget about your blog. Blogs that are updated infrequently in the first place can become blogs that are updated even less infrequently.

So I should do what these big blogs do?

No, not necessarily.

You see, many of the big-blog examples I used don’t experience the same cons with these options as other bloggers do.

For example, ProBlogger and Copyblogger have teams of writers contributing content. For them, the concerns about quality, topic ideas, and not having time for promotion are minimized.

Also, their niche (making money blogging and content marketing) lends itself to frequent updates. On the other hand, Social Triggers and Boost Blog Traffic have niches (marketing strategy and increasing blog traffic, respectively) that are better served with fewer updates.

Their time is better served thinking of good topics, turning that topic into great content, and then promoting it like crazy. And if that means they update only a few times a month, so be it.

In short, what works for these blogs works for them. It might not work for you.

Okay, so how often should I update my blog?

updateThe answer to that question depends on you, your blog, and your audience. Ask yourself these questions:

  • How much time can I dedicate each week to writing?
  • What is my blog’s niche? Does my niche lend itself to frequent updates or infrequent updates?
  • What is my goal for my blog? Does it exist because writing is cathartic? Am I blogging for fame? Do I want to make money? Why am I doing this?

For some, one option will jump out at you. It will clearly make sense for you and your blog. But for most of you, the whole thing is going to be clear as mud. And you know what? That’s okay. Because…

There is no wrong answer!

Your blog will not live or die by your decision on how often to update. No, it will live and die by how much effort you put into it. It will live and die by how good the content is you provide for your readers — whether that content is delivered to them daily or once a lunar cycle.

blogging frequencyWrite as often as you are able to write. Write with whatever frequency allows you to produce great content. And when your blog gets big and successful, then sit down and see what makes sense for you going forward.

But until then…


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