5 Social Media Tips That Will Help You Sell and Recruit More

Are you posting on social media sites like Facebook but not getting any traction? Here are five tips for marketing on social media that will help you sell more of your product and recruit more 

Do you ever wish you could get more people interested in your social media post? 

Here are five tips for marketing on social media that will help you sell more of your product and recruit more reps into your business. 

People Don’t Come On Social Media To Buy 

When was the last time you wanted to buy something and thought to yourself hmm let me log onto Facebook to make this purchase? Probably never. 

Unfortunately, most network marketers and affiliate marketers are taught to just post their links on their profile page and different groups and then bam, the money should start rolling in. If it were indeed that easy, then everyone would be rolling in the dough! There are two words in Network Marketing. You need to learn both of them if you want to build any type of business. The network side is where you are out talking to people finding out who is open to taking a look at your business. You network every single day whether you know it or not. 

Here is a secret that you should know, people don’t come on social media to buy. They use it to stay in touch with family and friends, catch up on current events and to be entertained. If you want people to notice you, then do something different, stand out from all the noise. Don’t be like every other so called marketer out here and instead lead with value. Instead of posting your signup link, post something that will educate your audience. Share something that will help solve a problem they might be having. 

Give Them A Reason To Follow You 

Why should someone follow you on social media? Think about this, if you are constantly pushing your product or telling people over and over to join your team, what value does that bring to someones life? Does it solve a problem? 

Probably not. 

You have to give someone a reason to want to follow you. Just be a problem solver. Instead of talking about the name of your product, talk about what problems it solves. 

If your product can help someone lose weight, your status updates and Facebook lives should be around weight loss tips. 

If you want to attract people who want to build muscle, you could do content around on the five most effective exercises to build muscle fast. 

When you are posting all about your business you sound like every other network markter out there. Stand out be different, educate your audience. 


Here Are Some Social Media Marketing Tips For Beginners 

Don’t use the same message across the board. For example, Instagram is all about pictures. So don’t put your Facebook status over on Instagram as just text. Add a picture to your text. 

Make the switch to a business profile as fast as you can. In the beginning as you’re building up your audience you will need to use your personal profile. Your business profile allows you to do some powerful things down the road like run paid ads and get better insights into your audience. 

Like I’ve mentioned above, make sure you lead with education instead of just pitching people to join your business or buy your products. 

What Should Your Social Media Marketing Strategy Look Like 

My suggestion would be to think of your entire online marketing plan as a wheel. Your social media profiles should be little spokes and at the center of that wheel is your blog. I put together a post that outlines how to build your network marketing business without using social media. I go into a bit more detail on what your marketing strategy should look like. 

Never Stop Learning 

I’m always feeding my mind trying to learn new things that can help me build my business. You have to stay thirsty for knowledge because nobody knows everything. 

Always undertake training and acquire more knowledge with any opportunity you have. Many successful people online have been able to build to building a six-figure business using social media, talk about a turnaround! They always know a thing or two about how to use social media the right way. Getting close to such people you will learn some awesome social media tips and tricks on status updates that you can use to generate leads on a daily basis and build your business. 


When thinking about social media don’t do anything on there that you wouldn’t do or say in person. 

Would you just walk up to a total stranger or someone you just met and tell them to join your business? Nope, so don’t do it on social media. 

Instead lead with education and value, figure out what problem does your product or service solves, and talk about that. 

And remember you don’t own any of your social media profiles. Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket by only using something like Facebook or Instagram. 

Keep these tips in mind and you’ll be well on your way to crushing it in your business. 

Wasn’t that some good stuff? Give this social media marketing strategy a try and watch how your business changes. Make sure you leave me a comment if this training helped you. 

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