25 Whatsapp Mistakes You Need To Stop Right Now

WhatsApp has made life so much easier. These days, a majority of people have access to smart phones and use WhatsApp for communication – it’s convenient, you can call, you can video chat, you can send voice notes and photos…what more could you ask for?

Whatsapp may appear like any other chat application but with time it has grown up into a social media platform itself. It can do too many things like sharing status messages, group calls and many more. There is no concept of sending friend requests in Whatsapp and everyone on your contact list can find you on WhatsApp.  This is what makes this chatting application a bit complicated.

But with every great invention comes a few cons in tow. Now, WhatsApp is great, there’s no denying that. However, there are some mistakes you should avoid when using WhatsApp, for your own good. We have listed 25 mistakes that you need to stop making in Whatsapp right now.

1.  Running WhatsApp Using Someone Else’s Name.

Avoid using someone else’s name with your account and it comes under impersonation. This can cause you damage and it is a crime.

2. Welcoming Everyone to Your Whatsapp Account

Take some time to clear your contact list or delete the numbers of people you are longer in touch with. If you feel their numbers are useful at some point of time at least block their numbers on whatsApp. I think there is hardly any meaning for your maid or landlord whom you have known five years to find you on whatsapp.

3. Whatsapp Profile Photo Reveals Too Much About You.

It’s better to keep a simple profile photo. Make sure your profile photo doesn’t reveal too much about you or your family members. This is important as your entire contact list people can see your Profile Photo. There are three privacy options in this chatting option namely: Everyone, My Contacts, and  No One.

If you set the Option as Everyone all whatsapp users can see your profile photo. If you select it to My Contacts your contact list people can see your profile photo. Setting Nobody Option is as good as not keeping any profile photo. However, there is no option in this chatting application to hide it from selected contacts.

4. Not Securing You Whatsapp With Two-Step Verification Pin

Doing two-step verification prevents you from being a victim of swim swap fraud and hacking. By doing so, others can’t set up your WhatsApp account on another phone by stealing OPT from you. Visit Settings and add two-step verification so that it prevents someone else from locking you out and using your whatsapp account without your acknowledgment.

5. Sharing your Status Messages Publicly with Everyone

Status Messages are private which we share with friends and family members and not everyone. Make sure you use the privacy settings properly and filter out the unnecessary people from seeing your status messages.

Everyone on your contact list (including your boss!) can see your status updates, unless you change your privacy settings. 

You probably have a ton of contacts on your phone, some who are not even your friends but just random contacts that maybe you saved when you were buying something, for instance. The last thing you want is everyone knowing your business and what you’re up to. If you constantly post a lot about your private life, choose specific people to see your status under status privacy settings.

6. Allowing All people to add you to Whatsapp Groups

Whatsapp provides you an option to restrict who can add you to group chats. The Privacy Settings usually are Everyone (Anyone can add you to a whatsapp group), My Contacts(People in contact list can add), My Contacts Except(It lets you select who can add you to a group). I think it’s always a good idea to not allow any random person to add you to any group chat.

7. Automatically Downladingo all Whatsapp Media Files in Phone Gallery

This is a critical setting you need to be careful of. Do remember all the Whatsapp Photos you save will consume space in your Phone’s Internal Storage when you save them in Photo Gallery. Since you don’t want those silly good morning quotes appearing your photo gallery, disable the option in Settings.

If you’re active on WhatsApp, chances are, you will receive many images from your friends, be it memes or work/leisure related images. If you save all images on the gallery/camera roll, your space will get used up pretty fast. What you need to do is go to the WhatsApp settings, and under chats, unlick the save to camera roll. This way, the images will not come to your phone. Alternatively, you could unsave to camera roll at only the groups or people who send you a lot of images that you don’t need, under settings. Once you do that, the images will remain on the chat but will not be downloaded to your gallery and this is a great way to save on space.

If you find that you’ve been running out of storage space frequently, check whether your phone is automatically saving all the images and videos which you receive through WhatsApp.  You can change the settings so that you can choose to save only the stuff you want. 

iPhone:   WhatsApp settings > Chats > Save to Camera Roll and turn it off. 

Android:  WhatsApp settings > Data usage > Media auto download

8. Not Disabling Auto Back Ups in iCloud or Google Drive.

Usually, Whatsapp Chat backups in iCloud or Google Drive is not encrypted.  If you feel some chat is important or needs to be saved try saving it somewhere else. Backing up complete data will kill up space in internal storage and is of little use. Instead of Chat Backups, Export Specific Chats

9. Sharing Porn Clips or Nude Video Clips of Yourself or People on Whatsapp

Sharing Porn Clips or Video Clips of People across Whatsapp is cybercrime and you can land in trouble if you do so. You can even be in Jail for doing so better to avoid doing such things.

When you send a message, photo or video on WhatsApp, the receiver will have a copy. Even if you’re careful about who you send them to, these can easily be forwarded to an infinite number of people instantly. Before you decide to share something, ask yourself if you want others to see it. 

Sending compromising photos of you is not advisable. Sending nudes or confidential information about yourself is risky because that person or persons will always have a copy of those photos or information and they could use it against you. Also, even though you can delete messages sent these days, do note that there are apps out there that help you see the message that someone has deleted. Yup, true story.

10. Spreading Rumours, and Hate Messages on Sensitive Topics across Whatsapp.

Police People have all the authority to dig out your Whatsapp Chats to know whether you had a role in spreading fake news to promote violence. Unless you want to land in trouble don’t spread unverified news or fake messages on sensitive topics.

11. Allowing Your phone notifications show a preview of new messages 

Even when your phone is locked, new messages are previewed on your locked screen and anyone near your phone can read them. To disable this feature: 

iPhone:                WhatsApp settings > Notifications > Show Preview – and turn it off. 

Android:              WhatsApp settings > Notifications > Pop up notification > No pop up 

12. Allowing Yourself To Fall For Scams 

Scams and hoax messages could come from your contacts or random numbers. Be suspicious of messages that sound too good to be true or threaten something bad will happen if you don’t forward the message. Some scammers will ask you to share your personal info or tap on a link – don’t do it! 

13. Clicking Links That You’re Unsure About.

Ever received a random link on WhatsApp? It could be a virus or it could even be a hacker trying to access your phone. Never click links that are untrusted especially those that look too good to be true “Click here to win an iPhone.”

It’s easy to hide something unsafe inside a shortened link. If something looks suspicious or sounds too good to be true, don’t tap on it or forward it, even if it was sent by someone you know. 

  14. Forwarding Messages Without Checking 

Messages that spread false information are so common and are meant to cause panic. Check whether it’s true before forwarding a message, so you don’t become a source of unreliable information. 

In this day and age, there’s a lot of false news being spread every now and then. WhatsApp is one of the channels that has been at the forefront of promoting fake news. Everyone forwards all those messages and propaganda without verifying the information. Take every forwarded news you receive on WhatsApp with a pinch of salt and verify the information before sending it to someone else.

15.  Miss-Reading The Tone Of The Message 

Instant messaging misses out on emotional context and visual cues that you’d get with in-person conversation. Even in person, sarcasm can be misinterpreted, let alone in a text message where no one can see your face or hear the tone of your voice. 

 16. Joining Group Chats With Random People 

When you’re in a group chat, everyone in that group would see your phone number. 

  17. Not Changing Your Whatsapp Number When You Sell Your Line Or Loss Your Sim Card 

The new owner of your SIM card can access your WhatsApp chat history and receive any new messages sent to this number. To change the phone number associated with your WhatsApp account, go to WhatsApp settings > Account > Change Number. Doing this will migrate your old account data to your new number. 

18. Using a public computer for WhatsApp Web 

If you forget to log out of WhatsApp Web, the next person who uses the computer will have full access to your account. When signing into the web version of WhatsApp, un-tick “Keep me signed in” and make sure to log out when you’re done. 

19. Not logging out of your WhatsApp for web.

If you share a laptop with someone, don’t click on the ‘keep me signed in’ button. Always ensure you have logged out because the next person to use the computer could see all your messages and if they have a vendetta against you, they may do spiteful things to get back at you.

20. Not Leaving Random Groups That You’re Added Into.

The problem with WhatsApp is that you will sometimes be added into random groups that are not even meaningful or helping you in any way. Problem with that is the fact that everyone on that group, including strangers can see your mobile number and who knows what they could do? Simply leave the group and be sure to block and delete spamming contacts and those that you no longer communicate with, for your own good and safety.

21. Using Numbers For Other Purposes

That person opted-in for WhatsApp. That doesn’t mean they gave you permission to use their number however you want. Keep the use of that number to WhatsApp.

22. Using Personal Number

Some people may rush to install WhatsApp on their personal phones. Don’t do that. That account is locked to that number, meaning people would know your personal phone number. If you are serious about WhatsApp, change your phone number now or purchase a separate phone to designate as the “business or company phone”.

23. Spamming

People have trusted you with their WhatsApp number. Don’t send them a wave of constant irrelevant messages. Start with one message every day or two, then ask your audience of how they feel about it. It’s better to scale up than to offend and bring it back down. Be warned that people may block you if they consider you messages annoying or fraudulent. And WhatsApp does not hastate to suspend or terminate any accounts blocked or reported severally.

24. Not Following Up

Sending a message to a new number can feel intimidating. Dont keep your new follower in the dark. The moment they text you, add them and send a message back letting them know you added them/what they can expect from you going forward.

25. Unexpected Calling

WhatsApp has a variety of ways to communicate– calling being one of them. Don’t call a follower without their permission. It equates to being a telemarketer. Instead, communicate with the follower and ask it’s okay to jump on a call.

I hope you are aware of which mistakes not to commit while using your Whatsapp both for personal and business use after going through this post. In case of any further help needed regarding Whatsapp and its security issues feel to contact us. We will try our best to help you out. Bookmark our site NotJustOnline to avail more information on Whatsapp New Updates and other information you need to succeed online..

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