Why You Should Not Quit Blogging

Why You Should Not Quit Blogging (Part 1)

I bet you’ve be thinking about whether to continue blogging or not. You probably have done so many things instructed by your model or whoever you but blogging resources from.  You may be blogging for many months and years yet you are yet to make a living from your blog and you think that the best thing is to quit. Don’t QUIT yet! Did I really just announce a blog post on why you should not quit your blog? Yes. Yes, I did. Who am I to tell you not to quit blogging? And before you tell me that I should be the one not to quit my blog, let me tell you: no, I’m not. In this post, I will share five reasons why you should not quit blogging.

Why You Should Not Quit Blogging

The rules of blogging have changed because gone are those days where bloggers could easily influence search engine rankings. Unlike before, keyword stuffing and aggressive link building are now considered bad SEO (Search Engine Optimization) practices. If you want your blog to succeed, it is time to let go of these of bad habits and focus more on providing quality content.

As a blogger, you must persevere to deliver the type of content that your readers want. Given the rise of popularity of video blogging and social media, a lot of bloggers decide to quit. Nevertheless, there are still a lot of good reasons why you should not quit.

You Can Still Write

You love to write. You are still passionate about writing blog posts. Then don’t stop! The best thing to do is to still keep the fire burning unless it’s just your inner critic talking. In most cases, it’s just not true. And even if it’s true, how can you grow to be a great writer if you don’t continue to write? We somehow have forgotten that to learn, we have to try. We have to fall and stand up again. No child ever just stopped trying to get up after it fell again and again. It just got back up to try again. The first baby steps couldn’t have been successful if the child thought it couldn’t do it after failing the first time. So grab your notebook or your laptop and get to it. Make mistakes. And then find a way to do it right and improve.

You have an audience Waiting

You may still be asking yourself who are you writing for if you don’t have any visitors? It appears to be a waste of time. You thought you could spend your time doing something useful, such as making money by getting a real job. Maybe you should do chores around the house, get the groceries or do some cleaning.

I hope you’re writing for yourself. I hope you’re writing to ease the writer inside of you. And I hope you write because you have a story to get out of there. Above all, I hope you realize that if you keep your writings to yourself, no one will ever read it. And if you don’t have an audience yet, you could try and work on your SEO. Whatever the reason is you do not have many visitors just yet, find out what it is and get that audience.

Even more important: cherish the small audience you might have right now. If it’s your spouse, your mother, your best friend or someone you don’t know: if they take the time to tell you they like it, you’ve got an audience. It starts with just one reader.

Your Blog is New and Unique

Why You Should Not Quit Blogging

Thinking that there are a lot of blogs already and, yours is nothing new can be very discouraging. Many people told me this when I started even my family members and some close friends. The said: ‘Aren’t there already a lot of blogs like yours out there? Why do you think you’re so special?’ they hadn’t even seen my blog yet, hadn’t even read my articles. And I doubt they  even remembers they told me this because last month some of them told me: ‘Oh, I read this and that on your blog. Keep it up!’

I remember feeling insecure when they told me I wasn’t unique, but I continued to blog anyway. I told them that the existence of battalions of blogs in my chosen niche is a pointer that there is large audience out there. I told them they knew nothing. And no, I’m not the biggest blogger out there (if only), I’m not even mildly average. My blog isn’t even big enough to be considered for so-called ‘influencer programs.’ And although I have goals to become big, my goal to be authentic is bigger. So my blog is something new because it’s mine. Your blog is just as special and authentic as you are.

You Can’t Be Lonely

You might think You’re just sitting there, behind your computer, writing stuff no one reads for a blog that makes no money. You must be so incredibly lonely. But that is just your thought and imagination. You can never be alone unless you have chosen to be.

I’ve met a lot of bloggers the past year on blogger conferences, through Twitter, through Facebook groups, through Pinterest and blogs of bloggers I admire. If you feel alone as a blogger, find a local (WordPress) meetup, join Facebook groups, Twitter discussions or just send an email to a blogger you admire. Writing can be a lonely hobby, but it’s not necessary.

You’re giving away your information For free

Are you out of your mind, or what? Are you just giving all your information away, for free? How will you make money? I mean, why would you give stuff away for free?

I don’t know why we do this either. It must be in our nature to help people. And if you didn’t already know, bloggers can surely monetize their blog.

I love to write. I write a lot. Therefore I am a writer. I’m not making money with my blog. I’m losing money on advertising, hosting, a theme and premium plugins, but I don’t care for now. It’s my hobby. It’s almost volunteering, but on my terms.Why You Should Not Quit Blogging

Honestly, did you think I was not serious about you not quitting blogging? I’ve started this series to encourage you to pick up blogging too. I’m encouraging friends to start blogs and we have written guides how to start or continue blogging. So, if anyone ever tells you again you should quit blogging, tell them: Nope. And throw this page in their face.


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