Which is The Best Monetization Strategy For New Bloggers3

Which is The Best Monetization Strategy For New Bloggers

Blogging is a labor of love for most bloggers. On the other hand, there’s no rule demanding that you can’t do something you love and still get paid for it. The trick is figuring out how. Chances are, anything you’re saying is already being said. The web is world wide, after all, and the world is a very, very, big place.

How do you make it happen?Which is The Best Monetization Strategy For New Bloggers3

The first thing you’ve got to do is get your blog started right: Make it a really nice blog, one that works well, and appeals to your market. Not sure how? We’ve got you covered there – use our guides to how to start a blog now and  kick start your blogging journey! If you’re using the popular wordpress, find out why you should use wordpress to power up your blog.After that, though, you’ve got to figure how to turn potential into dollars.

There’s no one right way to do this, and sometimes the best way is to do something that hasn’t been done before. . . either way, though, the best next step is to find out how the people who have already succeeded are doing it. One look around, and you’ll notice they’ve taken a lot of different paths to success. A study of many successful bloggers show that many started monetizing their blogs first using affiliate marketing.

It Is Affiliate Marketing And Here Is Why

Of course we know one of the best and well know monetization strategies utilized by bloggers is affiliate marketing, others are services, Adsense and many more. Other monetization strategies might be more lucrative than affiliate marketing but none can beat affiliate marketing because it’s the first and most easiest step bloggers take in pushing their blog forward. Plus it fits into any shoe size compared to other monetization strategies.  We’ve brought a whole bunch of reasons why affiliate marketing should be the first and best monetization strategy for new bloggers that wants to start making money quickly.

Here are 12 Reasons I said affiliate marketing is the best first monetization strategy for new bloggers

1. It’s a Cheap Business for You to Start Doing Your Thing

There are virtually no start-up costs. You don’t have any goods to store or produce. Indeed, you don’t even have to develop services or products. You can start by choosing how you want to play the game. All you’ve to do is set up a blog, and sign up for an affiliate program. Affiliate programs are free. At the beginning, you’re going have to pay for blog hosting and your site domain.

For starting any business offline and online required invest some money. But you start affiliate marketing , these costs are virtually brought down to zero. To start working with affiliate marketing you need only a computer, an internet connection and some free software to help you write content for your website. It does not  take a lot of time and money to start working through affiliate marketing in comparison to a lot offline business. If any businessman starts an offline business it takes lot’s of time and efforts to make it successful and beneficial.

Your other main cost is your site content, which should be of the highest possible quality. Now, this is something you would usually do yourself (when you’re starting, at least).

#2 Offering your service is great but…..

Can every blogger walk through this path? I mean, can you launch a blog today and start offering services like coaching, training, paid writing, etc? Who’s going to hire you? In order to get this to work, you need to get known both offline and online depending on the kind of service you’re offering. Before you can launch a service, you need to be an expert or else you’ll be breaking your reputation. Go for objects you can lift and not objects heavier than you.

What am I trying to point out here? You need to be an expert (like being featured on known blogs for your services) before offering your service but affiliate marketing is a no-brainer.  Anybody can do affiliate marketing regardless of your expertise, there’s totally no requirement for it.

#3. You haven’t or can’t create your product

This is the most difficult strategy ever but at the same time the most lucrative of all monetization strategies. The quality of a product has to be good before it can be used by the public. Your product is permanent license and must be perfect before launch else you’ll break it all. Rome wasn’t built in a day, of course we all know that but most of us don’t have the resources it takes to build Rome. Most folks can’t create product but they can promote it and get a commission so what’s the big deal? This is where affiliate marketing comes in, creating a product might take forever but marketing another person’s product (affiliate marketing) is as simple as sipping a cup of coffee, yet you’ll make some money out of it.

#4 Doesn’t Require Any Special Skills

To start working under any affiliate network does not need any special skills like a license or diploma.  The only skill you may need is how to add your affiliate link at appropriate places you want. Anyone who has used the internet and can read and write good English can start working and earn money using affiliate marketing program. It’s a business anyone can start working, there is no barrier of any kind. In comparison to start any offline business you need a license, money and a lot of time.

#5 You Dont Need To Settle For One Product/Service

The best part about affiliate marketing is that you do not need to settle for only one product or service .You can join several programs and start selling so you can increase your profits and one of the best you can register any affiliate program no restriction for joining one or more affiliate program. If you find another marketer are earning money with a particular affiliate program you can join that affiliate program

#6. Google Adsense Is Not The Best For your blog

How Google Adsense works actually depends on the kind of niche you’re running. A niche like “blogging tips” can’t get you the desired result because your visitors came to your blog to get help and not to click on ads; as a matter of fact, they’re already blinded to Google Adsense and only 2% of your visitors or readers might click those ads. The kind of platform where Google Adsense works best is niche sites where you can make $50-$500 (or more) a day from Google Adsense. It’s not the best monetization strategy because you can lose a genuine reader for just a few cents. Too bad Adsense doesn’t open in new tabs and right clicking might be another big stress.

#7. Your Blog Doesn’t Qualify For Banner Ads Or Sponsored Posts

Blogs with banner ads didn’t just get a code and paste it on their sidebar, the blog went through some kind of inspection before being approved. For example, some advertising companies check the impression, pagerank and alexa ranking of a blog before making any conclusion. Your blog might not qualify for these but there’s not need to write an examination or submit your blog for inspection before utilizing affiliate marketing on your blog. It falls in any criteria, even on a day old blog.

This is why affiliate marketing is the most preferred monetization strategy? It works for everyone, both newbies and professional bloggers.

#8. You Have Very Little or No Email ListWhich is The Best Monetization Strategy For New Bloggers

Build your list! Build your list!! Build your list!!! That’s the talk of the blogosphere. A blog without a list is a dead man walking. You can hit the first page of digg and get an explosive traffic that can crash your server but the fact is that traffic comes and go. The number of visits you’ll get today is totally different from the one you’ll get next week. But your subscribers remain your subscribers, if you utilize email marketing techniques wisely, you’re definitely going to get the best out of affiliate marketing.

Ok, the phrase “the money is in the list” has dominated the blogosphere and everybody joined an email marketing platform. Are you putting any effort in building your list? The best way is by putting your optin form on visible places like your sidebar, footer, below your post below the nav bar and more visible areas on your blog. It’s all about split testing, if a position doesn’t works for you then try another. The best time to start email marketing campaign is the day you launch your blog.

#9. You Have To Build Relationship With Your Readers

In order to make some good affiliate sales either through your newsletter or on your on your blog, you need to have a close relationship between you and your readers. This won’t give them a doubt and they won’t be hesitant to check out the products you’re recommending to them. Trust comes first

#10. You Are Still Building Traffic

It’s a no brainer, I might be hungry but I won’t see or come to your restaurant if it’s located in an empty desert, get it?  But no matter where your restaurant is located, as far as you make some advertisements, you’ll welcome customers and if your food is really delicious they’ll definitely comeback for more.

Now let’s substitute this for traffic

You started a new blog and you don’t have a single visitor on your blog, you can advertise your blog (by blog commenting, guest blogging, social media and more) and you’ll welcome visitors to your blog, if you have quality and mind blowing content on your blog ,they’ll definitely comeback for more (returning visitors).

There’s no big deal in promoting your blog but are you doing it the right way? You blog on tech right? Then why would you submit a guest post on a blog that write about sports? That’s exactly how it works. Comment on the right blog, splash your blog in front of the right audience that needs your services.

#11. Begin To Targeted You traffic

Your monetization strategy actually depends on the kind of result you’re wishing for. If you make your affiliate links invisible then nobody will see it. The greatest opportunities comes but once, make the products you’re promoting visible (by writing reviews, using banners and many more) and leave the rest to your visitors but remember this: Patience is a Virtue.

You might have a good amount of daily visits, a good number of subscribers but you’re not making those affiliate sales, You can check out the complete affiliate marketing tips for beginners and get a full guide in implementing affiliate marketing the right way. So why are you not getting the best out of affiliate marketing?

#12  Make money 24/7 And Achieve Financial Freedom

Once you join any affiliate network your affiliate links are available to customers 24 hours of a day. If any visitors like products and purchase through your link, the affiliate network pay you handsome commission.

Affiliate marketing is a total financial freedom business whether you are using free marketing like article marketing, search engine optimization or paid marketing method such as pay-per-click advertising. You are setting up your systems that create consistence traffic and sales the product which you are promoting. This system doesn’t require your constant attention once they are set up to generate passive income.

Over to you

Which first monetization strategy works for you as a beginner apart from affiliate marketing? Your success might be another man’s failure you know? Share the strategies that worked for you, the mistakes you made when you jumped into affiliate marketing and the efforts you made in correcting them. It’s definitely going to be an eye opener to the readers.  Never underestimate the power of email marketing; if you haven’t started utilizing it then it’s not too late to give it a shot. These articles on email marketing might be a blog saver.

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