Financial Reports Of Top Bloggers

What To Take From Financial Reports Of Top Bloggers

Financial reports from the big blogs are now the order of the day. The top bloggers publish financial reports to serve as a source of motivation to the new bloggers. However, reading so many of those reports can also become a pitfall. In this blog post, I will show you why you don’t need to read too many financial reports from the big blogs. Or even if you need to, what to take from financial reports of top and wealthy bloggers.

The early bloggers probably only enjoyed publishing journals about their personal lives and nothing more. Speaking of Justin Hall and Jerry Pournelle.

I know there are many people who still enjoy doing just that. Especially those who already have a decent life and don’t need the extra money attached. Some start a blog, not to display banner ads or sell affiliate products. Their satisfaction rests solely on getting their fans updated by a few things regarding their personal life. Matt Cutts, former employee of Google is a perfect example of that.

We all know there are monetary benefits attached to blogging. But the question I’ve asked myself many times is, would I have started a blog if there was no monetary benefits attached? Would it be fun just to help people with information regarding certain issues and get a thank you?

I bet that had you thinking awhile.

Without further ado, let’s see reasons why you don’t need too many financial reports.

It makes you over ambitious

Being ambitious is good. However, being overambitious isn’t. Financial reports are a good source of motivation to new bloggers. But if you make it a habit of reading those financial reports, you might end up only cheering for someone else’s success.

Trust me, I’m not saying you shouldn’t read them. I’m saying one or two is enough for your motivation. Don’t make a habit of waiting for releases from the top earners.

However, there are a lot of positives you must take from a top top blogger’s financial report. For instance, you can take not of the affiliate programs that work. Find out how they implement the promotion of those affiliate products and learn from them. Not just cheering for the huge pay cheque.- Advertisement –

Before the top bloggers got to the height they reached, they worked very hard on their blog. Publishing valuable information. They also developed a few valuable qualities along the line.

What am I saying in essence? I’m saying that valuable information precedes monetary benefits and not the other way around. So, work hard. Hope for the best. Don’t expect too much.

I believe reading too many financial reports have led to some new blogger building a website stacked up with affiliate links in every single page. Pages with little or no valuable information. This has greatly affected the UX (user experience) of those websites. And as a result, they end up making little or no money.

The question you must ask yourself is, is there a need to visit your website if the person was only in search of the amazon products or whatsoever products you promote? When your visitors could have easily typed

So, the best way to promote affiliate products and make more money from your website is to build valuable information around those products.

It Kills the fun

When you start a blog, you must enjoy publishing valuable information to the public. By doing that, you will end up building your own fan base. The fun in providing valuable information and helping people solve their problems should come first.

If every blogger works with this mentality, then we are bound to see fewer blogging mistakes and failure.


It wastes your time

If you want to spend a few minutes of your time reading articles from the top bloggers, it should be articles that will help improve your knowledge about blogging.

I know, I’ve been guilty of this too. I learned my lesson, I thought I should share with my readers too. I went about reading so many financial reports. Looking for proofs that people actually made thousands of dollars from their blog. But that’s not right. I was only wasting my time.

I’ve learned to spend my most precious time reading all the valuable information the top top bloggers have to offer me. There are so many valuable articles that can expand your knowledge base as a new blogger. Trust me, If you knew this, you’d be spending most of time reading those articles.

As a new blogger, you must first work on improving your writing skills, learning the basics of SEO, Affiliate marketing, Social Bookmarking websites, copyright laws, social media marketing… to list a few.

If there’s so much to learn and so many articles to improve your abilities, then financial reports should be last in line.

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