Things To Do Before You Publish A Blog Post

12 Things To Do Before You Publish A Blog Post

You’ve probably finished up an amazing, new web log post and you’re set to share it with the world. The work is over, right?
Well, not quite.
Before you hit publish, ensure you’ve done these 12 essential things.
1. Proofread, proofread, proofread
This advice ought to go without mincing words, however let’s be honest—we’ve all seen so many low-quality blog posts with embarrassingly obvious typos, factual errors, or formatting issues. Nothing says, “Please don’t take us seriously,” sort of a flip-flopped your/you’re.

2. Excellent your headline
Hey, you recognize that headline you took all of 10 seconds to form before moving on to additional necessary writing matters? It desires a touch too.
Your headline is the very first thing a reader can see, which implies it’s to be catchy as well as informative.
Don’t recognize wherever to begin? Here are some headline tips that are psychologically proven to make your content overwhelmingly clickable:

  • Raise your readers an issue
  • Use numbers
  • choose the part of surprise
  • Write headlines in second person tune
Things To Do Before You Publish A Blog Post

If that looks like an excessive amount of work, there are nice tools like Headline Optimizer which will do a number of exceptional work for you.

3. Craft a killer hook Headline
After the headline, your initial paragraph is that the single most significant a part of your blog post. Your readers’ time is effective, and if your first lines don’t hook them, then they’re most likely not staying around long.
At least, an excellent opening paragraph answers the following questions:

  • Why should I care and what is in it for me?
  • What should I expect to read in this post?

4. Write Engaging Meta Description
Don’t simply copy and paste the first few sentences of your post into the meta description. If an individual stumbles across your post in search engine results, it’s  the only the opportunity you have got to win over them to click that link.
Like along with your hook, your meta description should briefly make a case for why readers should care and what they will expect from the post.

5. Craft Proper Call To Action
Chances are you’re not simply writing posts for fun—you’re doing it to usher in new potential customers. Blog posts that don’t finish with some form of call to action are a true lost chance and missed opportunities.
Whether you would like readers try out your service or join up for your newsletter, at the tip of each blog post ensure to incorporate a tangible next step for them to take.

6. Make Your post reader-friendly
In our mobile-first world, if your content is not possible to browse from a formatting perspective, potential readers will look elsewhere for answers to their problems.
Before you hit publish, ensure your post could be a breeze to read. This suggests keeping paragraphs between 2 and 5 sentences, using bullet points, and breaking of information using headings and sub-headings.

7. Link to Popular posts in your field
Providing high-quality links to popular players in your niche should be a must for few reasons.
Number one, it really will increase your credibility. Using outside links from revered sources proves that you simply know what you’re talking about. You’re not some faceless blogger making content out of skinny air—you have your finger on the heartbeat of your field.
Number two, it improves your readers’ understanding and experience. If you genuinely care concerning your blog audience, you should wish them to be as informed as possible, and high-quality, outside links helps them form a complete image of a subject.

8. Link To Your Relevant Content
Linking isn’t a totally altruistic act, though. Take care to link to relevant content that’s already on your blog as well! Keeping readers on your website as long as possible will increase the chances that they’re going to get your product or use your service, and it also can offer you a pleasant bump in search engine rankings.

9. Use Quality pictures
According to some consultants, together with nice pictures will improve your page views by 94%!
With numerous fantastic, free choices for high-quality photography, there’s no reason your blog post shouldn’t be visually gorgeous and appealing.

10. Optimize your posts
It looks as if every few months the rules of SEO changes right before our own eyes, that makes this task a significant headache for writers all over.
If the thought of manually optimizing your blog post for search engines makes your eyes glaze over, spare yourself the grief and use a plugin like Yoast to assist to reduce your workload.

Things To Do Before You Publish A Blog Post

11. Connect With Audience at Their Level
If you’ve been blogging for a long time, you almost certainly know your audience very well—but it will ne’er hurt to countercheck that your post is optimized specifically for them.
If you’re writing for newbies or the common person, don’t overload them with plenty of technical jargon and corporate executive speak. Conversely, if you’re writing for learned readers, don’t baby them with basic knowledge they already known.

12. Develop a promotion Plan
Hitting publish isn’t the end of your web log post journey—it’s the start. Once your post is live, how are you going to get them in front of readers?  Online and offline methods should be considered.

What social media platforms are you going to share it on? Social Media marketing and Sharing should be part of your marketing mix. You’ve most likely got social media buttons somewhere on your web site, however it will ne’er hurt to link to your accounts at the end of each blog post. Social media could be a good way to cultivate loyal readers, thus offer individuals chance to hit that “like” button.

 Will you use your newsletter? Creating a marketing strategy for the blog posts you publish is important for it to been seen by many eyes.

Wrapping It Up
Finally, before you send your post out into the world, take time to work out if it might probably inspire future posts.

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