Tested Lead Magnets That Turn Prospects into Leads

Tested Lead Magnets That Turn Prospects into Leads

Tested Lead Magnets That Turn Prospects into Leads!

Lead magnets have become some of the most proven and effective ways to get new leads on websites and blogs.

If you are still thinking of getting good one yet, you may want to try 10 effective lead magnets outlined below because online marketing is only getting more competitive by the day.

Lead magnets are sure to become your effective tool and may change the way you run your online business.

As you experience the use of lead magnets, you will find opportunities to use them in all stages of your online marketing funnel. Apart from lead generation, you can also use lead magnets to generate website targeted traffic, increase and promote sales, and even strengthen your online brand awareness.

You are encouraged to offer lead magnets that offer real irresistible value to your prospects if you want to push them down your funnel.

And we have 10 of these lead magnets to share with you below!

What is a Lead Magnet?

A lead magnet is a free offer you make to a prospect in exchange for an email address and possibly additional information.

Lead magnets are also called:

  • Signup incentives
  • Ethical bribes
  • Signup offers
  • Freemiums
  • Content upgrades
  • And many other terms

Many online marketers call them “an irresistible bribe.”

Why Lead magnet?

The purpose of a lead magnet is and will always be to inspire the people who are reading your content to subscribe to your email list.

After collecting their emails, you could aim to recommend trusted products and services in the future with practical lead nurturing tactics , most notably, email.

Offering lead magnets is an essential part of the content marketing mix that builds a more captured and loyal audience , and in turn, effectively builds your online business.

Why ask for an email instead of Money?

Research has proven that only 2.5% of first-time website visitors make purchases—and that applies to professionally designed platform optimized for conversion.

What do the rest do? They leave. They were just browsing. Maybe, they’re thinking and considering your solution, or something like that.

So if the majority of visitors to your website/blog aren’t yet in buying mode, you’re likely to chase them away by selling your product or service on them.

What do you do instead? You ask for an email address.

By so doing , you’re asking for permission to stay in touch with them. The first goal, of course, should be to build a relationship and earn their trust. This takes time. And usually, repeated touches.

But you still have selling to do later

Though the people joining your list are not really giving their money  by simply handing over their email address they are investing some element of trust in you. Subscribers expect you to send a valuable to them as appreciation for handing you their emails.

Selling idea to them is the first thing you need to do because visitor will never give away their email address just because you placed a form before them that reads, “Enter your email address here” or “Sign up for our newsletter.”

There must be a magnetism? There must be a cogent reason to comply? There must be a value!

Again, earning an email opt-in requires making an attractive offer and irresistibly compelling call-to-action.

What Really Makes Your offer Irresistible?

Solution to reader’s problem!

Every reader is reading to solve a problem and your first clue for what the problem is should come from the page the reader is on, the content being consumed.

Common deduction suggests:

  • You’re curious about lead magnets
  • You haven’t mastered them yet
  • You’d like to know more about creating them
  • You may want to see some examples
  • You may want to learn some short cuts
  • You may want evidence to prove creating lead magnets is worthwhile
  • You may want to know what to do after you capture an email address with a lead magnet
  • It’s possible you want help creating lead magnets

If my deductive skills are any good, I might succeed by offering you:

  • An eBook with content to cover all of the above
  • A video that speaks to one or more of the above
  • A mini-course delivered via email
  • A look book showcasing great lead magnets
  • A consultation specifically about developing lead magnets
  • Research about lead magnets
  • Templates for creating lead magnets
  • A list of resources to help you create lead magnets
  • A webinar I’ve given on the topic
  • A cheat sheet or checklist based on this post for you to reference later

The list above is not comprehensive as I could go on and on.

Characteristics Of A Good Lead Magnet

Though lead magnets can be created in less time, ensure your offer to your prospects is valuable.

A great lead magnet must:

  • Be a real solution to a real problem
  • Be rare or exclusive
  • Achieve a goal after consumption
  • Have a specific purpose
  • Be easy to digest
  • Immediately deliver value
  • Showcase your edge or expertiseTested Lead Magnets That Turn Prospects into Leads

Keep the following ideas in mind when you’re creating your lead magnet:

Results—Captivate your prospects with a lead magnet promising to move the reader closer to a desired result.

Specificity—Don’t be vague. Be explicit to your readers, tell them exactly what is in it for them. Be as clear as possible about the benefit of signing up to receive your offer.

  • This title is not specific: An Introduction to Lead Magnets
  • This one is specific: 25 Lead Magnets That Will Double Your Email List  

Instant gratification—Everyone wants shortcuts—the fast track—lessons that can be immediately applied.

Expertise—A lead magnet is often one of the effective entry point into your marketing funnel. Always deliver information that demonstrates you are an expert in your niche. Giving away some of the best of your quality content free will pay off.

Valuable Content —Whether Free or not, your content must be valuable. Aim to make it very valuable that people would pay for it if asked.

Should you Make It Big?

I like to think big. Make your offer big. Make your content ever green.

Here are 10 Tested Lead Magnets That Turn Prospects into Leads

Below are list of 10 tested lead magnets that turn prospects into leads.

  1. Ebook

An eBook is common choice for your first lead magnet.

While you can present your eBook content a variety of ways online, ensure that the quality is superb.

eBooks can simply be created by gathering different blog posts addressing a specific topic or related topics into one publication.

  1. Guide

A guide can feature any useful advice and be presented in a wide variety of formats. It has to be resource guide which is strong enough for your readers to respond to.

Examples of a resource guide are:

A list of services, products, blogs, books, podcasts, software solutions, websites or any media you use and recommend. It may also be a list of any type of resources you believe will provide value to your readers.


  1. Assessment

Interactive content has come on strong in recent years. Quiz-style assessments are among the most effective lead magnets.

  1. Case study

Case studies or customer success stories or positive review by happy customers is a powerful lead magnet. Try it and see the effectiveness.

  1. Course

I’m a fan of the free course approach for your lead magnet and there are my options you can use.

  • Course of any length say 5 or 20 lessons or more.
  • Content of any format such as graphics, audio, video or whatever combination.
  • You could deliver instant access to all the content or “drip” it in a series of autoresponder emails.
  1. Infographic

Importance of infographics cannot be over-emphasized. Using infographic attracts appreciable traffic, backlinks and social sharing.

  1. Tools

Use your imagination and perhaps some budget for development and you can conceive all kinds digital tools. Some examples include:

  • WordPress Widgets and plugins for websites/blogs
  • An influencer scoring platform
  • Questionnaire and assessments
  • Themes/Templates
  • Calculators 
  1. Webinar

A webinar may be the ultimate lead magnet. Use it effectively and your optin conversion will amaze you.

  1. Cheat sheet

I am a fan of cheat sheet. Don’t you? A cheat sheet is a list of useful ideas, which will save you time or help achieve some other desirable outcome.

  1. Checklist

Does a checklist differ enough to warrant a separate listing as a lead magnet? Yes because it is generally designed to meet your reader’s needs for orderliness and procedures.


Real value drives prospects down your funnel and builds your email list. Whether you want to turn your leads into customers, they will only agree to do business with you when they get something valuable.

Tested Lead Magnets That Turn Prospects into Leads

This is the reason why lead magnets should be an integral part of your online marketing strategy. Start today.

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