How to Get Targeted Traffic to Your Blog

How to Get Targeted Traffic to Your Blog

When I first started blogging, the idea that people I didn’t know were reading my posts freaked me out. It was hard to believe that anyone other than my wife and younger brother could care about what I had to say!

But today, like most bloggers, I care a great deal about traffic numbers and what I can do to increase them. see new bloggers making is going for the easy traffic instead of going for targeted traffic.

Here’s the truth: everyone wants more traffic. It is estimated that 71 percent of blogs get fewer than 5,000 visitors a month—not nearly enough to become popular. Traffic is great—if it’s the right kind of traffic. Too many people focus purely on the numbers, and not on the quality of the traffic coming to their site.

How to Get Targeted Traffic to Your Blog

All traffic is good traffic, but some traffic is better traffic. I will never turn readers away, but the the techniques I use to get new readers need to fall in line with my specific niche and blog goals, simply because there are only so many hours in each day.  In other words, getting 100 new readers from Facebook who actually subscribe to your mailing list is better than getting 1000 new readers from StumbleUpon who hit the back button after 5 seconds on your blog.

If you’re trying to bring more visitors to your site, it makes sense to bring in people who actually want to be there! Scratching your head about how to drive targeted traffic to your blog? Here are 10 tactics you can use to bring the right visitors to your site.

The best way to get targeted traffic? You may not like it, but here’s the answer: pay for it.

  1. Paid Targeted Traffic:

When I tell people that paying for traffic is the best way to get more targeted readers to your blog, most people don’t want to hear anything else I have to say. But let me break it down for you and tell you why you should embrace paid traffic!

For our example, let’s measure by number of subscribers to your mailing list. And, for the sake of the example, let’s also say that you’ve figured out that each of your subscribers is worth $3 over the course of six months.

If you go for organic traffic, most of the people who land on your site aren’t going to be interested enough to sign up for your mailing list. That’s just the nature of traffic from search, social, bookmarking sites, etc. In our example, let’s assume that you get 10,000 visitors to your blog over the course of a week and hat 10% of them are engaged enough to sign up for your mailing list. That means your week was worth $3,000. Not bad.

But instead, let’s say you spend $1,000 on getting the same amount of targeted traffic with Adwords, Facebook, and other means of getting traffic from people who are extremely interested in your blog, based on researched demographics and search behavior. Instead of 10% of the traffic signing up for your list, you double that rate and 20% sign up. That means your week was worth $6,000 instead. Once you subtract the $1,000 you spend on traffic, you’re still operating at a gain, having made a profit of $5,000 instead of just $3,000. Paid targeted traffic isn’t looking so bad anymore, right?

Paid Targeted Traffic is About Testing and the Long Game

Of course, in my examples, my numbers of arbitrary. You might spend $1,000 and see only a 1% difference in sign-up traffic, which means that your overall profit would be $2,300–not nearly as good as your results with organic traffic.

It’s all about testing. What ads should you buy? How can you optimize them not only to get the top number of clicks, but the top number of highly targeted clicks? Who exactly is your target audience, not just for your free blog content, but for whatever you’re selling?

Testing never truly ends. There’s always something you could be doing better, and an ad that performs well today might not perform well a month from now. Until you get some base testing done, however, you might not see much profit…or any profit. What’s important is this:

Before you start paying for traffic, come up with a plan and budget for testing and optimizing your campaigns.

Paid traffic rarely works if you simply run a burst of ads for a week. You need to be able to afford to test ads over the course of time, knowing that you won’t see a return on investment at first. If you can’t afford to do that, paid traffic isn’t your best option right now.

Yes, Free Targeted Traffic is an Option

How to Get Targeted Traffic to Your Blog free

If you don’t have the budget to pay for ads at the moment, you can still get targeted traffic to your blog. Like with paid traffic, it’s all about testing. You want to spend your time on the promotion activities that give you the best returns.

Bounce rate alone doesn’t tell the whole story, but this is a start. Look for traffic sources that have a low bounce rate. This will change based on your niche and your specific content. For some bloggers, Pinterest performs well, well other bloggers have more luck with SEO and still others see the best results with Twitter. Test, test, test!

Look beyond bounce rate. Use Google Analytics to set up a goal and track conversions. This allows you to see which traffic sources get you the most new subscribers. Sometimes, your bounce rate might be extremely low (which is a good thing), but the subscriber rate is also very low (which is a bad thing).

2.     Stay in Your Niche:

While it’s tempting to want to write about a wide range of topics to appeal to a broad audience, you want to develop consistency. Define your audience, and cater to them. They’ll be more likely to refer new readers because they know exactly what they can expect, and you’ll be able to target more successfully.

How to Get Targeted Traffic to Your Blog

3.     Outreach Efforts:

Think of some bloggers in your niche you admire. Time to connect! Subscribe to their list, share their posts, and engage with them—before you send your first email. Your first email should be all complimentary, which will help you build the relationship. Once that’s been established, you can move on to your pitch—whether that’s guest posting, sharing, or other activity to help you boost traffic.

You can also engage with other bloggers by Commenting on posts related to what you cover on your blog is a great way to drive traffic to your blog. Just choose your blogs carefully. It is advised to avoid direct competitors, since commenting on these blogs is considered disrespectful.

4.     Optimize for SEO:

When you’re optimizing for SEO, think about what your target audience will be searching for. It does no good to target low competition keywords if they’re not terms your audience is interested in. Blog on financial advising? Don’t waste time on keywords about frugal living. SEO isn’t the only way you’ll be getting traffic, but having the basics set up just sends another source of targeted traffic to your blog.

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How to Get Targeted Traffic to Your Blog

5.     Use social Media:

Use social media to feed your followers content. People follow what they’re interested in on social media, and it’s a perfect way to let interested people know that there’s some great content on your blog. There are so many networks and tactics out there for getting traffic through social media that you won’t be able to use them all. Choose a few that make the most sense for your industry, and try sharing, tweeting, linking out to your blog homepage, and letting everyone know you’ve got great content to share!

Also Use links on social media. Most platforms allow you to link directly within your profile, so don’t neglect this space! In your “about” section, be sure to add a link to your blog, allowing followers easy access.

6.     Guest Blogging:

Swapping posts is a great way to drive new traffic to your blog. By contributing to another blogger’s feed, you’ll gain exposure to all of their followers—potential new targeted traffic. Some bloggers don’t accept guest posts, so make sure you read their material and get familiar with how they operate before you make your pitch. One blogger generated 100,000 pageviews in 72 hours using this approach—it’s a great way for bloggers to get fresh content and new readers.

How to Get Targeted Traffic to Your Blog

7.    Create some value:

Yes, your blog posts are valuable, but there’s more you can do to create value for your readers. Offer them a free resource in exchange for their email address—they’ll be thrilled to get a targeted piece of content—and you can now engage them with your blog via email.

8.     Crowdsource:

Know what other bloggers like? Being featured and validated. One great way for a newer blog to get traffic is to mine the knowledge of other bloggers in your niche. A crowdsourced post offering expert tips to your readers not only offers them a lot of value, but has a greater reach. Why? Because all those bloggers you consulted are very likely to share the post with their audience—who are all in your niche, and now have eyes on your latest post.

9.   Answer Questions on Quora:

Quora is where the Internet goes to get answers. Go to where the questions are! If you answer related questions thoughtfully and in-depth, you’ll be able to get a lot of interest in your answers. Better yet, you can link directly to your blog in your answer, so people know where to go to get more great information.

10.   Take Action Now:

My dear friend, reading is never enough. You need to put into practice what you learn.

A lot of people read just for reading sake but, that will take you nowhere. I sometimes see a lot of people complaining of not getting targeted traffic on their blogs just to see they are only sitting down there doing nothing. Even if you know everything about attracting traffic to your blogs or website, you will not make head way until you get started. Getting targeted traffic on blog is not about only what you know but mostly about what you do!

take action

It is not what you read that counts, it is not even what you know that counts – ultimately reading this article will have been for nothing, if you don’t take ACTION! After all, the distance between your dreams and reality is called action!

Wrapping It Up:

Want more ad clicks? You need more targeted traffic. Want to sell sponsored posts for more money? You need more targeted traffic. Want to sell more affiliate products? You need more targeted traffic. Do you see a trend here? Targeted traffic is your first step to making more money, whether you do that with a mailing list or another form of monetization. Adding paid traffic to your strategy is ideal, but at the very least, start thinking more about how to spend your time promoting your blog to your target market, not just to anyone who will click your link.

Do you pay for targeted traffic or do you use other free targeted traffic listed above? What have your experiences been with this kind of traffic versus non-paid (organic) traffic?

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