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How To Set Up And Pay For Facebook Adverts In Nigeria With Naira Debit Cards

Many Nigerians and foreign nationals have been looking for how to set up and pay for Facebook adverts in Nigeria with Naira Debit cards. After reading this post, you’re likely never to encounter any issue if you would like to buy Facebook ads in Nigeria with our local currency, Naira, using Naira Mastercard, Visa card and Verve card.

Facebook has always been an honest advertising medium for business owners in Nigeria looking to succeed in and maintain customers. Within the past, we only had the choice of paying for ad campaigns with the US dollar. We had to run and buy our Facebook ads in Nigeria with dollars. This didn’t go well for many individuals. Some incurred debts thanks to exchange rates, rejected/declined debit cards or monthly international spend limit.

PayU Came With The Solution

To avoid this example, most businesses opted certain dollar debit cards or paid advertising agencies to run campaigns on their behalf. But then, everything changed for Nigerians in 2017. The ability to buy Facebook ads in Naira officially began in March 2017, with the assistance of the third party payment processor PayU. As at the time of this post, all naira debit cards Visa, Verve and Master debit Cards are used to make payment on PayU.

This integration came in as a life saver because, you don’t need to worry about running ads that you simply will never be ready to buy thanks to declined open-end credit or a spike in our dwindling rate of exchange. Payu is simply amazing. Before We Could buy Facebook Ads In Nigeria With Naira In the past, Nigerians who needed Facebook advertising solutions for his or her businesses only had one option; that they had to use the traditional dollar Facebook ad account to run ads. Despite its usefulness, running ads proved rather difficult for several as there have been series of non-budgeted spending thanks to unmeasured ad spend rates. Some Nigerians often find yourself being indebted to the social media platform because their cards were rejected.

This post was created to assist business owners who want to run ads but need a Facebook Ad account that accept naira payments. I hope this tutorial does justice, in order that you’ll easily create your own advertising account on facebook. If you’re still running your Facebook Ad account and paying in dollar, you would possibly want to reconsider and switch to a Nigerian/Naira account. It’s better to be charged in Naira, a minimum of you’ll be ready to track your spend rate properly.

Disadvantages of employing a Dollar Dominated Facebook Ad Account

  1. Most Naira debit cards are restricted by their issuers.
  2. The Dollar to Naira rate is sort of high and this will incur unnecessary expenses
  3. Inability to properly calculate Ad spendings thanks to the fluctuating dollar to naira rate
  4. Running adverts and discovering you’ll not pay together with your open-end credit, thus, you discover yourself in some crazy debt.

Having highlighted the above drawbacks of employing a Dollar Facebook advertising Account, I will be able to go further to guide you on the way to create and buy campaigns in Nigeria. Before you continue, note that; you want to fund your Naira Facebook Ad account before creating and running ads. this is often actually better because you’ll not need to be indebted to Facebook. This is often unlike the standard advertising accounts where you’ll spend above your life savings unknowingly.

How To Create A Facebook Ad Account In Nigeria and Pay in Naira

Note; If you’ve got already created an ad account previously: you’ll got to create a replacement Facebook account or use a friend’s account so as to make a replacement ad account. Creating And Paying For Facebook Ads With Naira In Easy Steps

  • Log on to facebook.com and from your home page click on the sink menu that displays your pages and other information in your account.
  • Locate and click on on “Create Ads”. a billboard Account are going to be created automatically for you.
  • Navigate to the settings Icon on your top screen then click to be redirected to your settings page.
  • Once you’re in your settings page, click on “payment option”.
  • Now, in your payment option page, ensure you select to point out payment options for Nigeria else you’ll not find the Naira open-end credit option.
  • Once you’ve selected Nigeria, (this is usually selected automatically for you) you’ll be displayed with 3 options, prefer to pay with Naira open-end credit. You will be shown a crop up where you’re to input the quantity you would like to fund your Facebook ad Account with (You can prefer to pay as low as N100). You will be redirected to PayU payment page where you’re to input the following;
    • 16 digit card number,
    • Name on your debit card and
    • Your card’s expiration year (month/year).
    • CCV

If your information is correct, you’ll be required to input a 1 time pin (OTP) which will be sent to your phone number attached to your bank number or you use hardware token if you have one.

Note that some banks require you to register to be ready to do some online transactions. I use GTBank Naira Mastercard together with hardware internet bank token and haven’t encountered any problem with funding my ad account using the PayU payment processor.

FAQ: What If my open-end credit has been blocked by Facebook; for a few reasons? ANSWER: PayU is a third party payment processor, thus you’ll use your blocked card to fund your account.

FAQ: Can I pay with my verve card/ ANSWER: Yes you can now use your verve card.

In conclusion, I hope you’ll be ready to buy facebook ads in Nigeria together with your naira debit cards without glitches. Verve cards are currently accepted, we do hope that more Nigerians will start and continue paying with any of their their debit cards.

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