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Dealing With Your Blogging Fears

Before I started blogging, I had hesitations and struggles about it for different reasons. But more than anything, through all of the struggles I faced, there were many enemies that kept popping up time and time again, each time in different forms than the last. These enemies were fierce, determined, and relentless, and eventually I had no choice but to either confront them, or forever commit to a life of running.  → Click Here to Get Your Free WordPress Blog Setup! ←

Finally, I decided to turn-around, face these enemies, and conquer  them. These fears are:

  • Fear of whether blogging is my future
  • Comparing myself to another person
  • Fear of money to start blogging,
  • You are not an expert
  • Fear of putting my myself out there
  • Thought That People will be mean to me
  • Afraid No One Will Read My Blog
  • Fear of Low self confidence
  • Fear of managing too many ideas
  • Fear of Running out of ideas

I was so glad that I was able to look past those and go forward with what I wanted to do. Hopefully this helps you do the same! Talking about blogging and why so many people get scared before they hit publish on their first post has become necessary. Most people that get into blogging have never started their own business before so they don’t understand the anxiety that comes along with it.

Before we go any further it’s important to understand that blogging can be one of two things:

  1. A hobby
  2. A business

This post is not for people that blog as a hobby and  if you are one of them, therefore this post doesn’t apply to you. For those of you that are still reading on, lets talk about the 10 fears listed above and how you can overcome them.

Why all these fears about blogging?

Blogging Fears NotjustOnline

People think of blogging and they think that all you have to do is install WordPress and start writing. Sure, you can simplify it like that is if you want but you have to take into account everybody else. As a child under your parents, if you want to get a good assessment, you have to do what your parents want and expects from you. You understand the expectations that your boss has for you and you just make sure you meet those expectations or exceed them. In your job, you must please your boss by meeting and exceeding his/her expectations. To achieve this, you must follow instructions and laid down procedures. There isn’t anything that you don’t understand. There is no guesswork. You do A to accomplish B.

Blogging is different. You can do A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J and K and still not see success because part of blogging success isn’t dependent on you. It’s dependent on them. It depends on your audience; your readers. It depends on those people who are passionate about what you write. If they don’t like your blog or your content or your book or your course or your webinars or your emails then what are you going to do?

There are no guaranty in blogging. It is not like 2+3=5! I can tell you what to do and I can think of what the outcome might be, but I can’t guarantee it. You can have all of the steps laid out for you and there is a chance that it still might not work. That doesn’t happen at your job or your duty but it happens with blogging.

What makes blogging frightening and fearful is the unknown. You’re going to put your work into something that is you without any guarantee that it’s going to work out. You’re putting something on the line in the hopes that it works out. Not many people have the courage to do that.

So now that you understand why blogging is fearful let’s attack this fear head-on.

First and foremost, you need courage to get started and this courage must be backed with knowing and applying the formula for successful blogging. The quest to unravel the secret formula to successful blogging which ultimately makes you to conquer blogging fears is why you buy all of the blogging courses because people promise you that they know how to help you build a successful blog.

I tell people that when they chat with me but with disclaimer that success you get after applying the formula depends on you.

So what is the successful formula to blogging?

It’s simple:

Successful Blogging = Write content that people want + Promote that content to the people that want to read it.

That’s it. Are there a lot of smaller things like being successful on Pinterest, understanding how to build your mailing list, and actually making money with your blog?

Yes, but if you can’t succeed with the basic formula above then nothing else matters.

I have people come to me all of the time asking why their blog isn’t doing well. In their minds, it should but when I take a look at the content it’s not anything that I would want to read. It doesn’t matter how well you promote it, if people don’t want it, they don’t want it. I don’t think I write any mind-blowing content on any of my blogs. I think it’s good but it’s not anything that is going to win me awards. However, I make sure it’s content that people want.

I don’t do anything crazy. I take the time to understand my audience and what they want and then I simply give them what they want. When you do that blogging becomes much less fearful.

What makes it frightening is when you think you know what your audience wants without doing any research and then just putting it out there. When that happens you really are hoping that it all pans out and that can be discouraging. I don’t have time to be scared so I follow the formula.

Is Blogging Your Future?

When you decide you’re going to start a blog you have a future in mind. Maybe blogging is going to help you quit your job or travel the world. You’re entering the world of blogging because you see that it can lead you to something that you want and the fearful thing is what happens if you fail?

Then you don’t get that thing that you want. That’s why you really have to look at blogging as a business. Hobbies allow you to do things that you enjoy when you want. To conquer the number one fear, you must take blogging as a business. When you take it as a business, you think about it always, you put in all to make it succeed and that makes it to become your future.

blogging for business

Yes, there are good parts to blogging and there are also parts that are boring as hell. Here are the things that many bloggers hate doing:

  • Social media posting and engagements
  • Writing list posts
  • Designing landing pages
  • Creating email sequences
  • Applying to group boards on Pinterest
  • Making products to sell
  • Editing blog posts
  • Going back to old blog posts and updating them
  • Creating pins for Pinterest

But they continue to do these things because they take their blogs as businesses and these are the things that help their blogs to grow.

I took the time to learn how to get good at each of them so that I can reach those dreams that I hoped blogging would lead me to. I didn’t learn all of this at once. It took time and it meant stepping out into the unknown. Most people don’t like to do that but that’s why most people are stuck at a desk doing things they don’t want to do for the rest of their lives.

You Compare Yourself to another Person

Bloggers do compare themselves. They see the success of another blogger and they immediately compare that with their own success.

Many times they see their success as a failure even when they are still starting. Blogosphere ought to be a slacked ecosystem where what matters is each little steps taking by each blogger to better what he/she is doing. Do you want to know the type of things you should focus your mind on?

  • Launching a blog
  • Getting into a group board
  • Making an affiliate sale
  • Getting a guest post published
  • Send the first email to their mailing list

It’s not about how they made $10,000 this month. It’s about the small steps in their blogging journey. When they see other people get happy about something small, they realize it’s not small at all. It’s huge!

That’s how your blog journey should be. Don’t get down because you aren’t at the same point of the journey as the $10,000 bloggers. Get up because you are on your path and taking a step each day.

Some bloggers take this a bit too far and think that their 5-year journey with only 100 pageviews a month is normal. It’s not. Some bloggers grow quickly while others do it at a more moderate pace. You should be aware of how other blogs in your niche are performing. If they’re growing faster then you should ask yourself why?

Analyze other blogs to see what things you can pick up to help you out. Don’t turn a blind eye just because you want to do things your way because it’s your journey.

You Don’t Have Money

Starting a blog can be free. It’s true, you can create your blog free. But it’ll be very limited in functionality, it’ll look boring, and the address will look somewhat childish (e.g., or, which diminishes your credibility. There are some serious flaws in free options you need to know about:

  1. No Control – Your blog is being hosted on another website (e.g.,,, If you violate their terms of service (even by accident), they can shut down your blog any time (it has happened before).
  2. No Customization – You can’t use all the free plugins or themes. Heck, you can’t even use custom themes to really make your blog stand out.
  3. Other Limitations – Free space of only 3GB. For posts, images, and perhaps videos—that’s just not enough.

In short, don’t create a free blog, especially if you’re serious about starting a blog. Later migrating to a better option from a free blogging platform can be very time consuming and tricky.

Instead, create a self-hosted WordPress blog where you don’t have any limitations. Plus, you’ll be able to use your own (professional) domain name. It takes money to properly start a self-hosted blog. Using a free service means you don’t own your blog or its content, you’re at the mercy of whomever is providing the free service. This is why we don’t even discuss free options.

So, back to the money issue. We get it – it’s hard to spend money on something you’re unsure of. That being said, we don’t know of too many other potential businesses that you can start up for less than $50 up front, or under $3 a month.

 You’re Not an Expert

Hey Chidozie, I want to write about Travel Booking but I don’t know anything about them.

Nobody starts off as an expert. Nobody. Some people think that to blog on a subject you need to be an expert at it and that’s not true. When you’re in school and you had to write a paper how often were you an expert on the subject? Never!

Instead, what you did was research and present what you find. That’s what you can do with blogging.

Many bloggers have many blogs in many niches. Do you think they know everything about all the niches? Many are terrible at those stuff but what they can do is curate the best things that they find on a topic and put them together in a list. When you blog you have two approached that you can take:

  1. Expert
  2. Journeyman

I always suggest the journeyman route which is you simply sharing your journey in learning more about a topic. Everyone can do this.

Putting Yourself Out There

This is one of the big ones. When you blog you can feel like you’re exposing yourself to the world and depending on your writing style and what your topics are about, you just might.

However, I’ve found that a lot of what people fear about putting themselves out there isn’t stuff they should really worry about.

You can choose to be personal or not. That’s how a lot of blogging is so if you don’t want to get personal when you start off then don’t do it. You have to remember, people are coming to your blog to get a problem solved.

So then why do bloggers like to inject personal stories into their blog posts? Because sometimes they can help build a connection with the reader. They can let the reader know that the post is written by a human and not the corporate machine.

These aren’t things that will make or break your blog but they can be things that help to build your brand later on.

People Will Be Mean To Me.

This is something that I also worried about and thought of it sends shock down many people bone marrows. The truth is, if you’re not writing to be controversial, you don’t really have to worry about this. And if you are writing to stir the pot, you hopefully have thick skin already. People can be mean on the internet, but you can’t let that hold you back. You should never let the opinions of others effect the way you pursue your goals.

 No One Will Read My Blog.

This is a fear and a realization that many people have. It’s true, when you start, not many people will read your blog. If it was as easy as starting a blog and cashing cheques, everyone would be blogging! The truth is it takes work, making connections and building your audience, but it can and does happen every single day!

When I started my blog several years ago, the only people who read it were some of my family members and my few friends. I didn’t care because I just enjoyed doing it. I read tutorials and sought blogging advice. I definitely would continue to do that now, it just best thing to do because learning never ends. I just wanted to write. The thing is, if your research tells you that your target reader will like it, you’ll be able to withstand the first couple months of feeling like you’re writing for no one. Now, I look back on my first few posts and smile, because I know where that has led me.

 You Have Low Self-Confidence

My wife often asks me this very question: “Who cares what you think?” And for a while, it hurt like a dagger, not because it was a silly question, but because it’s one that I was asking myself every single day.

“Who really cares what I think?”

“Who really cares about what I write”

“Why do my ideas matter?”

This is a confidence issue, and it’s where fear likes to play serious mind games. First of all, it doesn’t matter if anyone cares what you think now if your are certain they will care for it in future. The only person you need to serve is your reader and it takes patience and self-confidence to find them. Furthermore, there are kind of readers you are targeting everywhere, and you’d be surprised how many come out of hiding when they see a true leader emerge.

You can’t be everything to everyone, but you can be a great leader to the people that resonate with and you connect with their ideas and philosophies. However, they can’t do that if you don’t share them.

Seth Godin wrote about it in Tribes, and the truth is that yes—we need you to lead us. People do care what you think if there is something for them in your thinking, in fact, much more than you can imagine. You owe it to them to share it; don’t be selfish.

Fear Of Managing Many ideas

I never thought that having too many ideas would be a bad thing, but what’s worse, I never suspected that the culprit would actually be fear itself.

In the early days, I found that just when I’d get close to completion on an idea, I’d suddenly be overwhelmed with dozens of new ideas. I also get overwhelmed when I research some topic online or when I read other blogs. As a result, I’d move from idea to idea, never finishing a single one. In the end, I realized that my own fear of going all in on a single idea was keeping me from being successful as a blogger.

The only way to solve this is to stop running from idea to idea and ship the ones you’re already committed to. Focus on one blog post at a time.

Fear Of Running Out Of Ideas

Once I’d committed to a single idea, I often found myself running out of things to write about. It wasn’t that I didn’t have any ideas, but that I was too scared to actually talk about them.

“What if people make fun of me?”
“What if people think I’m an idiot?”
“What if I don’t really know what I’m talking about?”

This kind of self-talk is a blog killer, and it’s a great way to take yourself out of the fight before you get a chance to grow. Successful bloggers don’t run from their best ideas, they give them to the world.

Solution is for you not to be afraid to be you. Turn your little flame into a wildfire. Some of the best bloggers I know are more personal and open than even I’m comfortable with, and guess what…their audience loves them for it.

is blogging for you


Blogging is frightening because you’re dealing with the unknown a lot. This holds many people back and prevents them from accomplishing anything that they want.It’s easy for me to tell you to just start but it’s not as easy to take action.

I think the biggest fear that bloggers face is that all of this hard work they’re doing is never going to pay off. I know how it feels. You don’t want to waste time on something that won’t work. You want to “Crush It,” and you want to make a difference. You don’t want to lose, or to look like a fool.

The best advice that I can give you is this: No one knows if what you’re doing is going to pay off. However, I can say without reservation that as long as you want to succeed, with every fiber of your soul, and you are willing to do what it takes to do it this, then the fear monster will not have anything close to a fighting chance against you.

All you need to start a blog now and run it successfully is just to have courage and remember the formula for successful blogging we looked at in this post.

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