Dealing With Difficulty In Finding Your Blog Niche?

Are you still struggling with finding your blogging niche? Are you struggling to stay motivated with your blogging venture? Are you struggling with writing about the same thing again and again?

Are you scampering around between lots of different topics, trying and failing to find one thing that interests you which you want to write about?

In those days of blogging was in infancy, bloggers were always advised to be very specific – define a niche on a very narrow topic (e.g. “Digital Cameras”) and become the expert in that chosen niche.

Thankfully, things have changed as they are seemed more relaxed these days. Many bloggers have a fairly broad areas covered, and it’s become far more common to think about having a niche demographic than a single niche topic.

Certainly, bloggers still need some kind of niche. It’s uncommon to imagine any successful blogs that cover every single topic the blogger could possibly be interested in.

But if the path to finding your niche is a little difficulty, don’t worry because…

So many Bloggers Don’t Succeed with Their First Idea

There are lots of bloggers out there who took a while to find their niche. Perhaps you’re one of them. Some bloggers started a blog that took a long time to see progress. Many blogs receives less than 50 visitors a day. Some does not have newsletter while many had been blogging for years, but couldn’t connect with an audience, let alone create a product they might buy. Many bloggers continue to fine tune their fancied niche before they finally gained traction with a strategy that works.

Other bloggers try several niches before finding the one that’s a perfect for them. Johnny B Truant is a typical example of a blogger who started out writing about weightlifting and running for diabetics, and now runs the publishing business Sterling & Stone alongside Sean Platt.

So if your blog seems to be growing at a slow pace over a period of time, or you’ve tried out a couple of niches that just weren’t right for you, take heart and be patient. It’s an experience many, many bloggers have faced including me.

When I began blogging in 2010, it was out of curiosity. It wasn’t until 7years later that I became serious and chose a niche blog (Tricks and strategies to setting up and  running successful  wordpress blogs). And during 2018 I started a lot of different blogs – it got up to 10 at one point. I I launched NotJustOnline in April 2018, and went ahead to expand the niche to include wordpress websites.

Questions To Answer When Finding Your Niche

There’s no magic way to find the perfect niche for you. But following are some questions you might like to think about that could help you choose.

  • What have you been able to try in terms of blogging? Were there any area of it that you particularly enjoyed? Maybe you had a blog about Weight Loss that you struggled to feel interested in, but loved writing a post about Lifestyle.
  • What blogs, content platforms or magazines do you visit and read regularly?Could be able to write about similar topics?
  • What topics can you envisage yourself talking about or writing about for years to come?
  • What sort of blog would feel like comfortable with?If your current topic seems like an uncomfortable fit, something you wouldn’t want to talk to your friends about, then maybe it isn’t right for you.

Although passion for your chosen niche will get you started but always go for lucrative niche for your sustainability. Bloggers that don’t want to confine themselves to a single niche should broaden it.

If that does not work for you, maybe you’d find it helpful to focus on your audience instead of on a particular topic or more than 2 topics. For instance, you might want to write for “parents” or “retirees”, covering multiple topics that would be of interest to that audience.

For more help finding your niche, read, which covers 15 great questions to ask yourself.

Are Your Blogging Efforts So Far, Wasted?

If you’ve been working hard for months or even years on a blog only to decide your heart really isn’t in it, you might find it very hard to let go or change to a new niche.

It can feel like all those words and all that effort to grow your mailing list or to increase your pageviews were a waste of time.

But there’s a different way to look at it. All that work was vital in getting you to where you are right now, and none of it was wasted. The skills you learned, from setting up WordPress to crafting great blog post titles, will be a huge help to you with your next blog.

If you decide to start a completely new blog, rather than changing direction with your existing one, you might also want to look into selling your first blog.

When Thomas Edison was working on his nickel-iron storage batteries, he told a reporter, “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work”.

Hopefully you won’t need to go through 10,000 blogs before finding your niche. But you may well need to try out a few wrong paths or false starts before finding the best way forward for you.

Time to Change Direction or Start Something New?

As you’ve been reading this post, you may think your blog just isn’t a good fit for you anymore. You’re struggling with motivation to write there. Perhaps you got into that niche because you thought it would make money. Or perhaps you picked a topic that interested you a couple of years ago, but is no longer something you find engaging.

Is it time for a change of direction? You could refocus your existing blog. Or you could launch something completely new.

If you’re going to start a new blog and grow it quickly or Even better, you can work through our (completely free) Start a Blog Course. Sign up here and get started straight away.  This is if you’re going to refocus or even relaunch your existing blog (especially if you haven’t written much, or anything, for a while).

Finally, if you’d like a brainstorming help and guide from a dedicated community about your new niche, come over to the NotJustOnline Community group on Facebook. (Start your post with the hashtag #ask, so we know it’s a question.) We’ll be glad to help you.

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