In line with the agenda and the major of objective of, practical blog training  are provided to everyone interested whether you are a newbie or experienced but requires assistance to boost your blogging skills and build network of subscribers. We provide you with all necessary tools needed for carry out your blogging and also a full-time support.

Making money online and building a successful online business is not get rich quick affairs. It requires a conscious effort, patience, courage, inspiration and most importantly training. You can make it if you give it a trial. Our e-business training should be your starting point if you really want to make money blogging.

Whether you wish to start this training as a full-time or part time, we will deliver to you all that you need. More so, If you come across someone who want to learn how to develop a successful blog and make money online send the person to We will deliver the training and courses that will enable the person to achieve his/her goals and desires.
Our courses includes (but not limited to) :


  • Choose what you Blog About.
  • Research for a profitable blog niche.
  • Get a good and cheap domain name.
  • Host your domain with the best web hosting company.
  • Install WordPress  or any other blogging platform on blog.
  • Choose the right theme for your blog.
  • Submit and optimize your blog for search engine indexing and ranking.
  • Publishing quality content that people will find valuable and useful.
  • Build blog traffic, authority and Make the money.
  • And many more….


  • Basics and fundamental of affiliate marketing.
  • Skills and tools required for affiliate marketing.
  • How affiliate marketing works.
  • How to target profitable market.
  • How to find hot products for the market.
  • How to drive market-specific traffic towards a sale funnel.
  • Making money with affiliate marketing.
  • Affiliate marketing model.
  • How to Create a squeeze page or sale page offering free ebook
  • How to Send traffic to the sale page
  • How to Convert the visitors coming to the squeeze page
  • How to Employ an email auto responder to build the relationship with your new subscribers
  • How to Recommend affiliate products and services to solve your subscriber’s problems
  • and many more.


  • Basics in E-book creation.
  • Kinds of E-books.
  • Qualities of good E-book.
  • Different software used for building and compiling good E-book.
  • How to create E-books.
  • How to market E-books and make money from sales,
    and many more.


  • Different known social networking sites
  • How to create social networking marketing plan
  • How to chose the right social networking sites
  • How to develop huge fans of your social networking page
  • How to convert your fans into clients
  • How to build facebook business page
  • How to develop twitter networking marketing strategies and plans
  • How to make money on social networking sites
    and many more


  • Learn the fundamentals of SEOs
  • Keyword research
  • Blog on-page and off-page optimization
  • Learn how to avoid keywords cannlibazation
  • Use of plug-in for page optimization
  • Complete effective procedure for blog SEOs
    and many more


  •  Fundamentals of Email marketing
  • Squeeze page creation and Email list building
  • How to write a MUST read Email
  • How stop Email spammers
    and many more

Because we want see you succeed, we deliver our courses in different format which include seminar (offline), webinar (online training) and by E-books. It is necessary that you must do all the courses. We allow for option of choosing among the courses which one you’re interested in. We would give you all necessary assistance needed for you to succeed. With our assessment tests we would be sure that you are ready to get started.
You can reach us now by sending us your email @ or and we send you our price lists. Don’t let money be the determinant of your success rather allow your zeal to succeed overrule.