22 Best Blog Topic Generators for successful blog

22 Best Blog Topic Generators For Successful Blog

If you do have a blog, you know how important it is to post regularly. Posting regularly, with interesting or useful content that generates traffic and shares can improve your search ranking thereby driving even more traffic to your site. 22 Best Blog Topic Generators for successful blog

The frequency of posts depends on your industry, the time you can dedicate to writing these posts, and what your audience is most interested in. Some marketers feel businesses should post daily, some will say multiple times a day, and some will say posting twice a week is good enough. Additionally, some marketers feel many short blogs is more effective and others favor posting long-form content but less often. It is your responsibility to research what works best in your particular industry and for your audience.

Even with this knowledge, sometimes when it does come time to post, it can be difficult to generate content ideas. If you are experiencing writer’s block, try the following free tools to spark inspiration.  Is blogger’s block getting you down? Have no fear, blog topic generators are here! Blog topic generators will help kick start your inspiration, ensuring that you continue to generate fresh, enticing, clickable content.

Sure, even great writers sometimes run out of ideas for new blog posts, but with the plethora of online tools and resources available at our fingertips these days, there really is no excuse for running out of great topic ideas for blog posts. It’s really just a matter of using the right tools to help get the creative juices flowing, and outlined below are some of the best tools I have found for generating new blog topic ideas.

All of these tools are free to use (at least at the most basic level):

  1. HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator has you input three different nouns and dishes back five blog topic ideas that will get those creative juices flowing.
  2. Portent’s Content Idea Generator is as simple as they get. Just toss in a keyword and go to town. This generator has some personality, adding little quips and jokes in bubbles alongside the topic suggestions.

As is common with these generator tools, some blog topic suggestions will come out a bit silly, but spend enough time on this one and you’ll definitely find some gems.

  1. The Blog Post Idea Generator from Build Your Own Blog is a bit different in that you don’t put in any keyword related to your industry – you just tap the “generate blog post idea” button and off you go.

You’ll naturally need to customize these suggestions to fit your target audience. The ideas aren’t quite strokes of genius, but you may find something that tickles your fancy.

Some titles this random blog topic generator gave when I had my hand at it:

  • X Myths About ….
  • 10 Things Your Competitors Can Teach You About…
  • Top X Must Have’s For _________
  • 7 Reasons Why ___________ Always Works
  1. This Blog Title Idea Generator from InboundNow is basically the same as the one listed above. It’s fine. You’ll probably find some nice blog post title ideas. Not much else to say.
  2. The Link Bait Generator isn’t as flashy as the other blog idea tools, with a simplistic, barebones design.

Type in your keyword and then choose whether you’re looking to write a blog post that is:

  • Controversial
  • Fun
  • A List
  • Shocking

What’s interesting about Link Bait Generator is that it gives you some nice insight about what certain phrasing or title structures will work best depending on what type of post you want to write. No other blog post idea generator takes into account what kind of style or spin you’re shooting for.

When I said I wanted controversial topics, I got ideas like:

  • X Things the Media Hasn’t Told You About _________
  • The Connection Between X and Sex. (Heh heh, I’m curious about putting PPC here)
  • X Reasons Why ________ Is The End of the World As We Know It

While the suggestions might be a bit too Buzzfed-esque for some tastes, they’re certainly aiming for clickability. I consider the Link Bait Generator an interesting little dive into human psychology to help you consider what makes people tick and what kind of wording gets them fired up.

  1. ContentIdeator is another blog topic idea generator that offers suggestions based on the keyword you type in. What sets ContentIdeator apart is that it generates pages and pages of suggestions (although by page 4 it starts to look like nonsense).

Some suggestions are oddly specific. For example, when I typed in “art” I got blog topic ideas like:

  • Reasons to Start Your Own Stamp Collection
  • Music and Art Are Inextricably Linked’ A Look at Ronnie Wood Art
  • What Batman Can Teach Us About Cartoon Fonts

Other suggestions are ridiculously vague. My first four generated suggestions were:

  • How To Buy Modern Art
  • Modern Art Online
  • Ways To Find And Buy Modern Art
  • Choosing Art

You need to put in a broad keyword to get any results. My search for “health food” generated only one suggestion (and it was a lame one), while “health” worked just fine.

I’d suggest going to other tools before this one, but if you’re willing to dig around a bit, maybe you’ll find a subject that speaks to you.

  1. The Content Strategy Helper by BuiltVisible is actually a Google Doc tool that generates blog topic ideas right into your Google spreadsheet.

The tool gathers information from Google News, Google Insights, Reddit, YouTube, Topsy, and more sources to show the stories everyone is talking about. As a bonus, it also offers outreach contacts for relative topics, which is always handy.

This tool is different in that it’s providing info on existing stories. However, looking at these hot topics can help influence your content strategy choices and also makes it easier to find news-worthy stories that you may want to jump on the bandwagon for.

While not a blog topic generator in the classic sense, the Content Strategy Helper isn’t a bad content tool to have in your arsenal. However, if you have your own preferred tool for keeping track of hot news stories, you probably won’t gain a ton by using Content Strategy Helper.22 Best Blog Topic Generators for successful blog

  1. Buzzsumo is favorite tool of mine. It’s similar to the tool listed above, as it shows the most popular existing articles (vs. pure concepts for articles).

Buzzsumo is a great study in what kinds of title structures and topics are most appealing. It’s straightforward and easy to use – search by topic or by site URL (it’s always a good idea to check out what your competitor’s topic articles are).

Also don’t forget to mess around with the filters. Confine search parameters to the last week or month if looking for newsworthy stories.

  1. Quora: This crowdsourced website is a question and answer forum where people all questions around a broad range of topics. Look for threads related to your industry and see what people are asking. The answers to these questions can make for very strong blog content.
  2. Google Trends: Google offers a free tool where you can view consumer search trends and explore popular topics of interest around the world. By connecting these interests to your community and/or your business, this can help you make content timely and relevant.

11 Twitter Trends: Like Google Trends, Twitter’s trending topics provide you with ideas on what’s going on around the world and what’s in the news. This might spark blog ideas, especially if you have a “weekly news” piece or newsletter you need to fill. You can also tailor your topics to be about local news, or what’s happening specifically in your area, or even receive fully tailored tweets that consider your location and the people you follow. To access Twitter Trends, log into Twitter directly.

  1. LinkedIn Pulse: This platform operates similarly to Twitter Trends in that it allows you to look up what news is trending on LinkedIn. You can cater your search results according to the channels you follow and the people in your LinkedIn network. You can download LinkedIn Pulse as a mobile app.
  2. Google Keyword Tool
    The Google Keyword Tool is not only useful in generating some general blog topic ideas, but it can also be used in conjunction with the tools mentioned above to help you identify blog topics with high monthly search volume.
  3. Scoop.it
    Scoop.it is a great tool for finding interesting content ideas around a particular topic that has been curated by others. Find topics that industry leaders are talking about and adding their own opinions and insight to. With Scoop.it, you can also easily curate content yourself and post it to your social media accounts or even add a feed on your blog that includes topics of your choice.
  4. Feedly Reader
    A great way to keep an eye on topics that top blogs in your industry are writing about is to sign up for an RSS Feed Reader. There are a lot of great RSS readers out there, but Feedly is one of the most popular and easy to use. It is very easy to tweak the interface to look exactly the way you want, and since the death of Google Reader, Feedly has been adding great new features almost daily, or so it seems. You can use the general topics that other top blogs are writing about as stepping stones for developing your own content ideas.
  5. Topsy
    Topsy allows you to enter a word or phrase to search and find recent tweets, blog posts, G+ posts, etc. about your search term. If it’s a trending topic, you can sort results by past hour, past day, past 3 days, etc. to just display content that has been posted during that time frame. You can even filter to display just tweets, videos, experts, etc. You’ll find that skimming through the results will help generate some great topic ideas for blog posts.
  6. Content Strategy Generator Tool
    This is an awesome nifty Content Strategy Generator Tool for generating new blog topic ideas. Simply enter a word or phrase, and the tool will scan the web for all the latest news and articles related to your search.
  7. Tweak Your Biz Title Generator
    Just enter a word or phrase, and the Tweak Your Biz Title Generator will produce a great list of potential blog post titles for you. The title ideas are grouped in various categories from questions and lists to secrets and motivation. If you’re not real creative when it comes to titles for your blog posts, this free tool can really come in handy. I often find that I have to tweak the title just a little for my posts, but this tool is sure great for generating a lot of catchy titles to work from.
  8. Alltop
    Alltop was co-founded by legendary business advisor and author Guy Kawasaki, and as stated on the Alltop site, their goal is to help answer the question “What’s happening?” in topics that may be of interest to you. It is basically a list of recent posts from all the best blogs around the web. From finance and marketing to hair and fashion, Alltop covers pretty much any topic you can imagine. Simply select your topic, and you’ll be shown posts relating to that topic from the top blog in that industry. It’s a great way to quickly see what the top blogs in your industry are writing about and inspire some ideas of your own.22 Best Blog Topic Generators for successful blog

20.   Impact’s Blog About Title Generator

Impact’s tool is a bit like Mad-Libs (which I loved as a kid), and definitely requires a bit more user participation than some other tools on this list. When you first pull up the page, they supply you with a subject idea which you can replace with your own—in this case, “improvement,” which I replaced with “marketing.” After clicking “Next” you’re redirected to a page that generates parts of blog titles that lets you fill in the blanks.

21.  Fat Joe Blog Post Title Idea Generator

The Fat Joe tool has a super simple, super easy design. Just enter a subject or keyword and you’re good to go. I’ve found that the more broad a term you use, the better your results. I had originally entered “Landing Page Design” as my subject and got results like: 10 Great Landing Page Design Public Speakers. On the second go-around I used “marketing” and had much better results.

22. Word Storm

Word Storm is reminiscent of one of my favorite paid tools, The Visual Thesaurus. It’s very interactive which is fun, but doesn’t provide you with concrete topic ideas—Word Storm is good to get the creative juices flowing.

3General Tips on Generating Blog Post Titles & Ideas 

  • Blog, Borrow, Steal. What headlines do you see that capture your interest? Steal that headline and tweak it for your own purposes. Imitation is flattery x5!
  • Same But Different. You’ll find that, for the most part, the ideas spun by most of these topic generators are largely the same. These generators are using formulas that work and applying them to your key themes. If you find that you prefer one generator over another, go ahead and stick with that one.
  • Expand Upon Generator Ideas. The “X Things You Don’t Know About ___________” is a standard blog topic. It’s overdone and overused, but it’s still spit out as a good idea because it works – it generates curiosity. Don’t be afraid to use one of these tried and true blog structures, but make sure that you add some creativity to make it your own.

Wrapping Up Best Blog Topic Generators

And there you have it! The top 22 free tools I turn to when I’m out of ideas for a blog post. While I didn’t use any of the generated ideas for this specific post, the tools themselves inspired the content–so that still counts…right?

As you can see, coming up with great new ideas for blog posts really is not hard if you take advantage of the many wonderful free tools and resources available online these days which I listed above. What other tools do you use for generating blog topic ideas? What do you think of these blog post title generators? Which are your favorites? Let us know in the comments!

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