About NotJustOnline.com

NotJustOnline.com was created to help you turn your blogs and online businesses into profitability. Many blogs and online businesses are just online for being sake; they end up not achieving their goals.

And to achieve that there are a lot of steps that need to happen before that takes place. I’ve spoken with 1000s of people since launching the site and many of them come to me with the same problem.

They have no idea where to begin.

There is just too much information out there and a lot of it conflicts or is incomplete. Can you really start a successful blog in 15 minutes like all of the online guides say? Is it really as simple as installing WordPress and writing about stuff you like?

The answer to these questions is no. There is a lot of stuff that goes into building a successful blog and online businesses. So much so that the only resources that might be of some help to you costs hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Yes, blogging can be learned and perfected without spending money on expensive courses, books or consulting.

And I’m going to show you how.

The argument makes sense if it is just a setup; yes I mean blog or online business setup. You must be equipped with right knowledge before you can start and run successful online business.

The reason why I created Notjustonline.com was because I believe that every single person deserves an opportunity to create the lifestyle that they want. I choose to try and provide that opportunity through this blog.

Now if I am going to provide that opportunity to as many people as possible does it make sense to do so in a $995 course or a series of random blog posts in no particular order?


I figured it was time someone created the ultimate resources and courses to blogging and online businesses. Something that goes above and beyond anything anyone has ever created. When someone thinks about starting a blog I want this to be the sole resource that they turn to.

I want you to go through this platform and feel completely confident in starting a blog/online business or improving the ones you run now.

Throughout the guide there might be links to other resources or tools that I use for my own blogs. In some cases, these are affiliate links. Please know that I do not recommend things that I myself have not used before. You’re trusting me to help you out and I would be a fool to break that trust.


Because Dreaming Does not give You Results

Everybody has a dream lifestyle they want to live. Sometimes that involves traveling, sometimes that means spending more time with family, and sometimes it means flying to Mars. Either way, we each have a lifestyle that we want and therefore we are searching for ways to attain it.

NotJustOnline.com was created to show you how you can achieve that lifestyle through blogs and online businesses that amplify your passions.

NotJustOnline chronicles my journey of using blogs as a way to get towards my dream lifestyle. Why blogs? Well, you’re probably thinking of blogs with pictures of cats or gossip celebrity and while those are blogs, I’m talking about the type that offer value to people. Blogs allow your voice to get out there and are an easy way to provide awesome value to your audience.

A Different Approach to Teaching

NotJustOnline.com is different from the other sites that teach you how to make money online. Most sites theorize of how to succeed but we practicalize it. I’ll talk about the principles that I use on this site and the other sites that I manage and will be creating. Some of these blogs will be worked on solely by me, while others will be collaborations.

If you check out my Free 7-Day Blogging Bootcamp you’ll get a feel for my style.