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5 Ways To Start Earning Immediately From Blogging Without AdSense

Are you aware of the fact that Google AdSense is not the only way bloggers earn money? A number of bloggers are earning without AdSense as well.  You need to discover other profitable ways to make money. There is no need to worry if your main target is to earn with Google AdSense from the WordPress blog. It baffles my mind when everyone wants to go into blogging especially entertainment blogs with Google AdSense as only source of making money.

And to make the matters worse, there’s this wide notion you’ve got to start Adsense to earn money in blogging. Yes, Adsense is sweet, but I consider it a lazy man’s thanks to earn in blogging. But let’s even not forget that the very fact you’ve got Adsense doesn’t mean that you simply will earn. After all I even have encounter bloggers that got frustrated and quit blogging after they got Adsense simply because the expected funds weren’t coming in.

Adsense isn’t for newbies, I need to tell you. It’s for bloggers that have arrived and have the funds and technicality to market their blogs. Before you’ll earn tangible income through Adsense, your traffic must be in tens of thousands, nothing less. So will you tell me how you would like to realize that as a newbie? Not even during this era of copy and paste and everybody going into same niche, which is Entertainment. So as a newbie, I would like to interrupt your heart a bit. You can’t break-even with Adsense until you grow in your blogging career for sort of a minimum of 1 year. Don’t get me wrong also, not that achieving high isn’t feasible.

What am saying is that you simply just need to be financially buoyant or better still be an SEO Expert. But once you don’t have these at your disposals, then you’ve got to attend further. But don’t you think that you’re getting to be wasting some time once you need to await such an extended period before you start to form tangible income together with your blog. have you ever ever thought of other ways to form money together with your blog? It’s so unfortunate that Nigerian bloggers’ minds are so conditioned to Adsense, when there are various ways you’ll make money as a blogger. I will be highlighting those other highly feasible ways you’ll make money as a blogger :


You are a blogger and you’re complaining that you simply aren’t making money together with your blog, why? Are you a talent waster? If you don’t want to be wasting your talent, now’s the time for you to start to package something good and organize training for others. You don’t need much to try to to this. you’ll start with Internet Cafes around you, even at your Church. One-on-ONe training won’t be bad for a start. All you would like is to make sure you’ve got the proper information about what you’re getting to be training others.


You can also begin to hunt out other bloggers that aren’t so opportuned to update their blogs and offer to assist them with this. This aspect of blogging features a lot of earning potential. I need to tell you that you simply are often making nothing not up to N100,000 on this monthly. deem instance, you’ve got 10 blogs you’re working with and you charge them N10,000 each, albeit it’s N5000. Now see how great the returns are for a 4-hour job. See also : How I created Navigation Bar with tabs linking to Labels, External Links, Pages and Post Pages Through my advent in blogging, this has been my peak earning point. I don’t consider myself knowledgeable, but am neither a newbie. I used to be ready to hit a top job with an Italian Information Marketer after much effort I input into developing myself. This guy pays me $50 weekly and guess what, I only make a 1 post daily. My other admin work is with a Nigerian top blog and am paid N20,000 monthly, then another smaller blogs I work with. you’ll achieve better.


You are on Facebook and you’re not making money. That ought to stop today. As a blogger, you ought to stand out from Mz SexyDiva that posts on Facebook free. Does one know there are about 900 million Facebook groups on the web. You’ll offer to assist organizations blast their links on social media. But you’ve got to take care to follow the principles and regulations of a particular group as not every group tolerates that. But besides Facebook, you’ll also utilize Google+, twitter, instagram, reddit, stumbleupon, bbm, whatsapp then on.


Do you even realize your knowledge of blogging is worth millions on its own? You would like to start to ascertain beyond the surface and open your mind to the very fact that folks lack this data you’ve got and can be willing to pay you massively for your information. You already skills to maneuver your way in creating a blog, why not put that to writing. You’ll write on blog creation, blog marketing, social media marketing, link posting then on. Just consider something you’re good at and make a singular item. You can even package it as a video course. There are many of us making money selling courses on sites like Udemy. You’ll also sell your DVD on sites like Konga, Jumia. There are various platforms out there through which you’ll sell your products.


Does one discriminate from Adsense, you’ll make tons of cash from paid adverts on your blog. All you would like to try to to is to strategically promote your blog to the proper set of individuals. You’ll then use this as a leverage to convince organizations and business owners to advertise on your blog.

My dear, don’t await Adsense, Start earning today!

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