things new bloggers must know

3 Things Every New Blogger Must Know

If you’re a new blogger, this is the section of this site that will benefit you the most. We’ll guide you through our content that is most helpful to newer bloggers who still have a lot to learn.  → Click Here to Get Your Free WordPress Blog Setup! ←

If you still have not started your blog, we encourage you to click here and check out our section designed for people who don’t have a blog yet.

When you’re newer in the blogging world, you have a ton of questions. You might have certain goals for yourself, or you see other bloggers doing things that you want to do.

Three of the main topics that new bloggers want to know more information about are:

things new bloggers must know

  1. Getting More Traffic
  2. Increasing Social Media numbers
  3. Making money

We’re here to help you with all of those things! We recommend you start by joining our email list below. You’ll get our free 50page PDF Social Media Course: How To Build Your Blog Using Social Media  right away when you sign up. That will pretty much take care of #2 on the list above. You should also watch our videos all about blogging.

How to Get People to Read Your Blog

We’ve got an article with over 2500 words that gives specific advice and strategies that we used (and still use) to build our blogs. We’re not holding back anything either. What you read in this post is everything we know. And it has worked for us. Click here for the comprehensive information on getting more blog readers.

SEO is also a very important part of getting people to your blog. Important SEO Strategies for Bloggers at All Level includes tons of tips and a very helpful graphic for visual learners.

How to Make Money on Your Blog

This is what we’re all after (or most of us) isn’t it? Making money online is a very exciting thing and something that blogging can absolutely do for you. This is the single most important section of this site if you’re a new blogger wanting to make money from it.

85 Specific Ways to Make Money Blogging

Click here to read the full post. This is a popular post from a while back on this site. It contains 85 specific ways to make money blogging. We use just about every single one of the ways listed. The thing about it is, you may only make $20 from one place, or $30 from another, but it all adds up. Plus, there are some things that you might make $1,000+/month from – depending on your blog’s size.

The Ultimate Guide to Using Affiliate Links on Your Blog

Click here for an in-depth look at affiliate links and how to use them on your blog.

How to Pitch Your Blog to Businesses

Sponsored posts and advertising for others is a great way to make money on your blog. Businesses won’t always come to you. You need to be comfortable pitching your blog to other businesses for sponsored posts or other advertising opportunities. Click here to read our post about pitching your blog to businesses.

How to Put Ads on Your Blog

For some new bloggers, the simple act of getting ads on your site is a challenge. The post here shows you, in detail, how to put ads on both a Blogger and WordPress blog.

Important Information About Sponsored Posts

Sometimes, it’s best to pass up sponsored posts. Read more about that here.

Here’s a post on impressing brands that are paying you for sponsored content.

Doing Product Reviews on Your Blog

Product reviews are a big part of many blogs. They can be a great starting point and can show brands the kind of work you can do. Good product reviews can lead to paid sponsored posts if a brand or ad agency likes your content.

Read: The Ultimate Guide to Creating Great Product Reviews on Your Blogtrends-in-blogging-influence

Blogging is not terribly complicated. It’s really about creating interesting and compelling content and getting people to read that content. Everything else will fall into place if you get that going.

The biggest piece of advice we can give you is to stick with it. It may feel like no one is reading your blog at first, and that may be true. I had virtually no readers for several months. The key was that I enjoyed it, so I didn’t get frustrated.

If you set out to make money right away, the chances of you being successful are small. You have to want to blog.

You also have to want to learn as you go. When I started blogging, I knew nothing about building social media accounts, SEO and marketing. Now, not a day goes by when I am not learning something new about the blogging world. It’s amazing what blogging can do for you, so stick with it and enjoy it!



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