22 Ways to drive traffic to your blog through social media

22 Ways To Increase Blog Traffic Through Social Media

Traffic Is Everything

Traffic is everything. Traffic is to online businesses what blood is to human life. Without traffic, there is no success on both online and offline businesses. Until you have traffic, you have not started even if you have best of contents. You need traffic. So, you want smart ways to increase your blog traffic?

Who does not anyway? That’s the dream of every blogger because when you get more traffic:

  • You get more social shares and your next blog post could go viral
  • Your epic work could finally get discovered and appreciated by more folks out there
  • You get more followers, more comments and new people on your newsletter

If that’s your dream, you’re in luck. This guide is for you.

I started this blog to walk you through all the aspects of blogging – from the tech side of building a blog to becoming an authority in your niche and earning some decent living.

And today we talk about traffic through Social Media.

In this massive guide of 1,364 words, you’ll find 22 simple and actionable tips with case studies and step-by-step instructions.Drive Social Media Traffic to Your Blog2

22 Actionable ways to get traffic from Social Media

  1. Use the untapped power of StumbleUpon:  

    This lesser-known social media platform is often responsible for post virality. While the exact content ranking algorithm is a hush-hush secret, there are a few known factors to play in your favor:

  • Big fat list posts (like this you’re reading) perform best.
  • Crisp, large visuals.
  • Easy-to-scan content with big heading and subheadings.
  • Domain Authority.
  • It’s best if your content is stumbled by another user.
  • Bonus tip: Paid promotion on StumbleUpon is really cheap and efficient. You can get 60,275 visitors for $128.90.
  1. Create and share a SlideShare presentation: 

    Convert one of your popular blog posts into an epic presentation and promote the heck of it for all the traffic you can handle. How?

  • Draft an outline. One idea = one slide.
  • Find attractive, relevant images.
  • Did you know you can embed on your blog, links to SlideShare decks + CTAs to share it on other social media sites?
  • Optimize your title, description and tags for relevant keywords and better discovery.
  • Promote your SlideShare on other channels to get the most eyeballs on your content and rank it up to one of the “features” categories. Further reading: SlideShare Traffic Case Study: From 0 to 243,000 Views in 30 Days.
  1. Tap Into Quora – The Uber Popular Q&A Platform: 

    Find questions relevant to your posts. Jot down a detailed, valuable and not ridiculously self-promotional answer and include a link back to your recent post. Subscribe to a pool of topics you are interested in to get notified about new questions instantly.

  1. Become A Seasoned Redditor: 

    Dubbed as the front page of the Internet, Reddit can bring massive traffic to your blog… and a bunch of negative comments as well if you appear too self-promotional. Get to know the Reddiquette, follow the community rules, share only the best stuff and keep submissions to your blog as low as 1 submission per 10 other links if you don’t want to get slapped. Here’s what’s getting on the front page feels likeBonus tip: Reddit is a great place to promote your visual content as well. Check out /r/dataisbeautiful, /r/visualization and /r/Infographics.

  1. Use Facebook Ads To Grow Your Email List: 

    Spend under $5 per day and get over 500 subscribers to your newsletter. How?

  • Craft the ad copy – enticing, personalized with a big image and clear CTA to get on your newsletter and receive an immediate reward (bait).
  • Sharpen your ad targeting by finding popular Facebook pages in your niche with high engagement rates and set the system to target their fans.
  • Measure and improve your ads performance. If you are doing everything right, your CPA should be under $3 in 48 hours.  If not, split test your copy and refine your targeting.
  1. Link to your new post from your Skype and WhatsApp status. It’s an easy way to remind anyone you’ve already connected with that you have something new on your blog.
  1. Join Pinterest group boards: 

    Want to gain more exposure for your visual content? You can create enticing, pinnable images with Canva and you can find a huge list of group boards, categorized by topics and Pin Groupie. Be nice, request an invite and follow the rules!

  1. Syndicate Your Content on LinkedIn Pulse

    To leverage your personal brand and attract new readers to your blog. You can add rel=canonical tag with a link back to your original post, which helps Google understand that this is just a copy of the original post.

  1. Join Relevant LinkedIn Groups:  

    Not sure where you can both share your LinkedIn Pulse posts and blog content? LinkedIn groups! Just don’t get too self-centric. Interact with other people as well by commenting, liking and sharing their works.Drive Social Media Traffic

  1. Discover Relevant Google+ Communities:  

    Use a quick search on your Google+ page. Choose the most active ones and start engaging there!

  1. Share Your Post At Relevant Content Communities: 

    Here are just a few very popular ones:

  1. Suggest your content on Scoop.it: 

    This is a content curation platform, where you can create topic-specific boards, add content and pitch content suggestions to other curators. Pros: referral traffic, quality backlinks and social media exposure.

  1. Mention Your Sources On Twitter

    Quoted or referenced someone in your blog post? Now mention them on Twitter for further acknowledgement and additional social exposure.

  1. Alternatively DM Influencers On LinkedIn…:  

    …to share the content where you have mentioned them or showcased the work they might feel interested in sharing. Be friendly and non-pushy. Everyone hates spammers and pitiful outreach messages.

  1. Create a Strategic Top Tweet: 

    With a magnetic title and link to your newsletter/landing/about me page to capture more leads and pin it to the top of your Twitter timeline.

  1. Join a Twitter chat:  

    Those are usually held at specific times and days of the week and you can join and track the conversations by following a dedicated chat hashtag. You can tweet links to the relevant posts on your website, when a relevant question is up. Just don’t come off as Spam.

  1. Join a Facebook group:  

    There are plenty of groups based on all sort of interests. Just paste your keyword in Facebook search to discover those. After joining, read the rules and stick to them. Usually, there are certain days/threads where self-promotion is okay, plus you can always add extra value in the comment section by sharing a link to your post along with the answer.

  1. Create Your Own Facebook Group:  

    Facebook groups are quickly replacing Fan Pages as those have lost their organic reach appeal after the recent algorithm updates. Start building your community around common interests. Then you’ll have a place to share your posts with no admin restrictions and receive great responses. Don’t appear too self-centric as you may turn-off some folks from the community.

  1. Host a Periscope session:   

    Periscope is a new kid on the block, gaining more and more fans. Announce a live stream session to your followers. You can mention posts/products you like if they are relevant to the questions asked. Here are some great ideas from HubSpot on how you can use Periscope and Meerkat.Social Media Traffic

  1. Announce your content on Instagram:   

    With a catchy quote and a CTA in the caption to check the link to the latest blog post in the bio.

  1. Invite people who have shared similar content to check out yours: 

    You can scout the prospects with BuzzSumo and afterwards outreach via email.

  1. Create a social media posting calendar: 

    Reminding you the best times and dates to schedule your content for re-sharing while you’re sleeping or on vacation. Use Buffer to automate the process.

Now, let’s get things cracking. Promise me you will try at least 6 traffic generation tips from the list and share the results in the comment section below! Tweets, likes and shares would mean a lot to me! Thanks in advance.  If you still others ways not covered here, kindly share it with us here.

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