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20 Questions for Would-be Bloggers – Is Blog Right for You?


While Blogs are fantastic in my experience they are now not the only kind of website. That is why whoever that wants to settle for blog must know What  is Blog and must be able to answer this question: ‘Is a Blog the Right type of Website for you’? While I’m a big fan of blogging as a way to get content online – I’ve seen it on some bloggers over the years as being the ultimate way of having an internet presence. A would-be blogger must answer the following 20 questions to ascertain if blogging is for him/her. These questions have helped many bloggers start and profit from their blogs. Many beginners, after going through these questions, were forced to go back to the drawing board and end up creating greatest of blogs.

It can also be that after analyzing your needs, personality, hopes, experiences and fashion that you discover running a blog does nicely fit for your purposes – but it can sucks if you are not prepared and planned for it. Don’t just rush into running a blog and count on luck. There are probably other human beings who are well better at selling you some of the other sorts of internet applications out there (look into wikis, e-commerce websites, static websites, boards etc) so I’ll leave you to do your very own research– but right here is a listing of 20 questions (written in no unique order except that it is the order they got here out of my head) that you may choose to consider earlier than leaping into blogging. I’ve put a few quick comments next to every to get you going. Please note that these questions are in essence a listing of characteristics of successful bloggers that I’ve come across over the the few years. If you don’t have some of these characteristics it’s not the end of your running a blog dreams. The list is idealistic and the questions are there to assist potential bloggers enter into running a blog with open eyes and making suitable decisions about whether or not a blog is proper for them. It additionally may assist many bloggers to assume about what type of blog they might start and what type of capabilities they might need to develop:
Without much ado – here’s my 20 questions:


Are you a self-starter?

Starting a blog takes a little initiative. While there are blog software program these days that make it easy to begin them, they don’t run themselves and it take a determined person getting them off the ground.

Do you like writing?

Blogs are predominantly a written medium. If you are not comfortable with writing then the chances are you might not enjoy blogging.

What’s your Message?

While there are wide interest for blogging, underlying most (if not all) of them is the goal of communicating some kind of message. Do you need/want to speak something? Do you have a message? Is your niche viable? Who are you blogging for: yourself or audience? Starting a blog just due to the fact you choose one may be fun, however it might also be a waste of time.

Are you a good communicator?

I don’t agree with that only great communicators should have blogs – (they can be a tool for humans getting to know conversation skills to improve) but it can be an benefit to have some fundamental communication skills.

Are you good at writing or speaking?

Most communicators have a desire (or at least have higher competencies in one form or another). If talking is your kind of thing you may want to consider Webinar, Podcasting or even a Video primarily based web site.

Do you desire to be the central voice on your website?

While blogs are good at building audience – they normally feature one character(or a smaller team of people) as the central voices in a conversation. Other people have to respond to the voice of others. If you’re after something where everybody can begin a dialog then a Forum might be a perfect medium.

Are you disciplined?

Similarly blogs require everyday attention over time. until day by day posting becomes no longer essential, it’s probably a good level to go for. Will you be in a position to inspire yourself to write some thing new each day?

Do you have the time?

Normally, regular updates is a reality and this takes time. Do you have adequate time in your schedule to write daily? Not only that do you have time to handle comments, reply to reader questions, study different bloggers posts, network and collaborate with other bloggers etc?

Are you thick skinned?

If you begin a blog, the possibilities are that it will be observed and that others will write about you or some issue of what you’re doing. This is awesome when the remarks of others are tremendous and in agreement with you – but it’s now not a whole lot enjoyable when you’re critiqued (sometimes fairly and occasionally not). Do you have the capacity to accept criticism?

Are you inclined to be in the public spotlight?

Blogging is a public act. Every day you put yourself into the front of others. People will analyze your phrases and lifestyle. Some will choose to recognize you and some would possibly even apprehend you in public (it’s came about to me a few times). While few bloggers (if any) are ‘celebrities’ – putting your self‘out there’ each day is a bizarre factor to stay with and can have it’s consequences. Keep in idea that once you write something online it is very hard to get it removed. You might be capable to delete your blog however archives services (and different bloggers) choose up a lot of what you write and so you should be living in the public splotlight for a lot longer than you’re a blogger.

Do you have any technical ability?

If this had been a requirement of blogging, many others would not have in no way gotten far, however it is a gain to have the ability to examine and work on a technical level. You’ll be working on a laptop with web based software program and at instances you’ll need to ‘tweak’ your blog. Knowing how to do it your self can be very dignifying. If you’re now not this kind of person, you would possibly choose to make buddies with someone who is.

Are you inclined to learning?

I like to see blogging as a platform where anyone knows something however no person knows everything. This is the case on any subject matter you desire to blog about and the experienced bloggers are inclined to share what they comprehend however are seeking out and promote what others know also. In this way everybody learns – even the ‘experts’.

Do you enjoy reading?

Being correct at writing is very useful – but so is the capability to read what others are writing. Readers are writers.

Are you an organized person?

While I’m certain many bloggers are completely chaotic and unorganized – there comes a factor in most serious blogger’s lives when they have to get at least a little organized. With incoming emails, following plenty of feeds, writing perhaps on a couple of topics/blogs and moderating feedback all going on at as soon as (plus more) it’s fairly effortless for time to slip away except getting much done.

Are you a Social person?

There are many patterns of running a blog however when it comes down to it, most bloggers have some sort of a desire to connect with readers. Some bloggers keeps readers at a fingers length (they would possibly ignore feedback and hardly ever reply to emails) however it’s in all likelihood an benefit to absolutely have interaction with your readers in some way. If you don’t like human beings then this might be challenging. Another related query may be ‘are you an approachable person?’

Are you a creative person?

Once again this is now not a ‘must’ – simply an advantage. The web is a cluttered location and being capable to strengthen content material and readership that stands out from the relaxation and that surprises readers is a massive plus.

Do you have tenacity?

While some blogs are in a single day successes, most are not. In truth many (most) blogs are by no means as successful as their owners would like. A long time period approach is one of the primary portions of recommendation that I’d provide most bloggers.

Are you Consistent?

One of the frequent reasons that I see bloggers getting into misunderstanding with their readers or different bloggers is that they change strategy of running their blog midstream. Bloggers that are continuously altering the theme of their blogs, or who blow up expectations on readers suddenly, or who change the ‘voice’ that their blog is written in can loose the respect of their readers. While no one likes a boring blog – human beings do like to comprehend what to count on to some extent.

Are you straightforward and transparent?

If you reply no to this one then you can expect to eventually be discovered out. While in real life it can be moderately convenient to hold secrets or be confronted – the blogosphere has a lifestyle of people maintaining an eye upon every other and digging the place you don’t want them to dig. While you’ll want to develop boundaries around what you do and don’t blog about, you will want to be inclined to reveal conflicts of pastime and be willing to be held to blame for the things that you say.

Are you willing to work hard?

The level that you want to work on a blog will be dependant upon your desires and goals for it – but if you have dreams of being the next big blogger then you’ll be assured of a lot of hard work. Of course this is the case with any element in existence and not just blogs.


I’m positive there are masses of different questions well worth asking earlier than deciding on whether a blog is right for you (feel free to add extra below) but these are what comes to my mind. In reading them back they almost read like a job interview for potential bloggers! Keep in thinking that I’m coming from a history of blogging as a job and this will be reflected in my advice. As end result the above listing would possibly be extra aimed at your serious blogger who is getting into running a blog both as an entrepreneurial endeavor or with some sort of enterprise application.

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