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10 Ways to Show Your Blog Readers that You Care

Readers make or mar blogs. A blog without readers (or happy readers) cannot be a successful one.  Readers are the life and soul of any blog. A blog without an audience might as well not exist. It would be like a business without customers. Your readers matter to you. So what can you do to show that you care?

1.  Write Awesome Content

Content is the bedrock of any blog. Content is king. Putting your best into everything you write is the minimum you can do to show your readers that you care. It’s also a way of showing new readers that you care. It is also the first thing you must do to engage your reader. They haven’t yet talked to you, but they can see from your writing that they matter to you.Not Just Online Blog Readers

Make sure you’re writing high-quality content that does a great job of covering a unique angle on your topic. Don’t just re-hash the same stuff over and over again!

2.  Show some personality

Show your readers that you are a human. Show them that your blog posts which the read always is written by a human being not machine. If your writing is dry and boring, your blog is going to be forgettable. Make it UNforgettable by injecting some of your own personality and humor into your posts! That is part of caring I am talking about.

The key is to be genuine. Don’t just copy someone else’s voice or style, just because it’s worked for them. Let YOUR opinions, voice and personality shine! This makes your readers to connect more to you.

3.  Listen to What Your Readers Want

What do your readers need from you? If you don’t know, it’s time you asked or started doing some research.

Blogging isn’t creative writing. Creative writing is all about the writer and what’s important to him or her. Blogging is all about the reader. To be a good blogger, you need to know what’s important to your readers. That way you can give them what they’re looking for in your blog posts, and they’ll keep coming back for more.

What if it’s early days for your blog, and you’re building up your reader numbers? You can still listen out for what your potential readers want. Check out forums in your niche to see the common questions people have.

4.  Frequently Add New Blog Content

If you want your visitors to keep checking back, you absolutely must regularly add new content. If you want your readers to know that you really care, keep adding new quality contents frequently. Infrequency in posting makes diehard readers unhappy and uncomfortable. Awesome content keep your readers wanting for more and to stop new posts shows that you don’t care for such readers.

And it’s no longer enough to just add short (e.g., 400-word) posts to your blog. The key now is to write longer, more in-depth posts that tackle issues your readers really care about. I cover this in detail in my post, How To Write Blog Posts That Drive Traffic From Day 1.

5. Distribute Your Posts On The Right Platforms.

This translates to putting your blog posts where your potential readers spend their time.  That is care in its form. You can’t hope they’ll return to your blog regularly in hopes you’ll have something new and interesting. You’re not the local supermarket. How do you go about this?Not Just Online Blog Reader

Offer RSS (aka feeds) and email opt in to your readers. This is the best way to keep your readers getting your information.  Leverage other owned media to distribute your blog posts on other platforms you own including your website. Be creative – use signature files and customer service emailings to highlight your articles. Place your blog posts on appropriate social media venues. Share your blog posts on social media. When possible it’s best if you use handcrafted shares. Also, encourage others to share your posts through social sharing buttons and links.

6.  Talk to Your Readers

Bear in mind your job as a blogger doesn’t end when you hit the publish button. You don’t just have to listen to your readers. In fact, it’s even better if you start a conversation with them.

There are plenty of places online to talk to your readers. The best of all is in the comments section of your blog,. Comments are an extension of your blog post – they add even more for your readers to dig their teeth into. Make sure you take the time to reply to every comment. But most importantly, you should respond to comments where appropriate. Your readers want to feel that you’re interested in them.

Make sure that you help any prospects that are interested in your offering as a result of your blog posts. To help you track this, you should use a call-to-action and tailored landing page.

You can also talk to your readers on social media. On your blog, encourage your readers to follow you on Twitter and to like your Facebook page. That way you create another forum for discussion. Start conversations by asking questions, or just join in with what your readers are already talking about.

7. Use The Right Keywords To Optmize Your Blog.

Show your readers that you really care by making your information findable. Specifically this means:

Incorporate the words your readers use in search engine boxes. Don’t think corporate needs. Skip those words you think are important to rank for on search in favor of theirs. Also Crosspost videos from your blog on YouTube. Add keyword-rich text labels and descriptions to your youtube channels. YouTube is the second largest search engine and social media platform. For example, Jon Loomer posts a video every Friday. Create Links to related information on your blog as well as reputable third party sites. Help your readers associate text with non-text content. Remember search bots don’t see images, audio and video.

8. Be Available

I recommend making your email address readily accessible. Spam blockers are so effective these days that you don’t have anything to worry about there. Why is this good for your readers? Because then they can ask you questions privately.

Readers are often more honest in emails about their struggles, so you’ll gain extra insight into what your readers really want from your blog. They’ll also be delighted when you respond.

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9. Format Your Content The Right Way.

You can also show your readers that you really care by making your blog easy-to-consume.

Use catchy headlines. Pull readers into your content with headlines that make them want to read more. Tell stories. People remember stories better than a heap of facts. Provide different content types. Understand that people take in information differently. Therefore offer an array of types. Of course, don’t forget the eye candy—photos. Chop your information into bite size pieces. Realize that your readers are pressed for time. Make it easy for them to scan your posts.

10. Say Thank You

A blog is a community. Your blog wouldn’t exist without your readers. Remind your readers that they matter by saying thank you.

The best times to say thank you are at caring, sharing times of year, such as festivals. In the Nigeria, Christmas and Easter work well. At these times, publish a thank you blog post in the festive spirit.

It’s also a good idea to say thank you individually to your readers, especially to those who frequently comment on your blog or who share your content on social media. Send them a tweet, or even better, drop them an email. You’re someone they look up to, so they’ll be excited to hear from you.Not Just Online Blog Reader


To make your readers care about your blog, you have to care about your readers. This means providing useful information that they need in the way that they want it.

What else would you add to this list to make readers care about your blog?


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